Building and Structural Finisher

Anyone done this trade, what is it like?

What are the promotion aspects like? Is it higher or lower pay band

I want to go in as a junior at 16 but I have a few questions, will this help me in civvy life. I know that I will learn a wide range of skills and could be earning a good wage when I leave as a young person. But, when Im 40, will I be earning the same as I was when i'm 23 or so.

What jobs could I do when I leave the army (if I do) at 22 years old. As far as I know I will be a person with a wide range of skills when I leave, where could this get me?

Does anybody else have any jobs in the royal engineers which could get them somewhere when they leave the army?

Thanks, (I've been asking alot of questions recently but I want to make the right decision)
and I expect that I'll get the usual go to your careers office thing.
Judging by this the opportunities are endless.

Higher band IIRC, due to the combat engineering.

Conventional and Specialist Paint Application, Spray Painting, Glazing, Scaffolding, Plasterboarding, Wall and Floor Tiling and Exterior Texture Finish Application.
This does not constitute career advice...
This is what I'm doing and start basic in 3 weeks To me it looks like it's a jack of all trades master of none but will also help you when in your own house so double bonus
It is a good trade to have because of the variety of stuff you do. There will always be a call for plasterers etc so I wouldn't worry about that. After about 10 years or so you could look at going Clerk of Works (Construction) where you learn building design, site management etc.
BUT all you will hear is "if you can p1ss .... you can paint.

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