Building a website for mongs

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by jeromesausage, Jun 10, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys.

    I was ripped off by a shyster whom, by all accounts, has been doing it to quite a few people. In additon to this he has a background of, shall I say nasughtiness, which would I imagine prevent 99% of his customers / victims, from ever doing business with him if it were ever to get out.

    He runs a photography business his website being

    Very simply, I want to set up a basic website with the name so that anyone who searches for his name wiill get his website at number 1 and my warning website right beneath.

    Can any arssers out there suggest a web-building site for idiots, low cost as well. I will not be publishing anything other than that which is true, that which is proveable and in the public domain so whilst he will doubtlessly threaten all sorts of legal action - the truth is an absolute defence to libel claims. Basically, I want to strangle and kill off his newly started photography business. I think this seems more sensible than doing the same to him.

    All advice welcomed guys - and remember, no geek speak

  2. I use Streamline, must be simple if I can do it!
  3. The websites for Mongs are called Facebook and Myspace. Their very existance is aimed at people who could never manage to create a site for themselves, so facebook and myspace lay on all the picture galleries, messaging, etc.

    For example someone didn't like a band called Fat Peguin so he made a myspace just like theirs called, "Fat penguin are *****". So you could do that easily enough, plus have a bebo, and a facebook too all in the same theme. Using all the free ones. While you are at it, make a myspace site using his own name and then use it to let people know that he's a ******, but make it look like it's his genuine myspace....

    Meanwhile can you tell us all what his website really is and just what he has done.
  4. Good idea troy - might even go down that route as well. Its a long story my friend however I dont think that a former teacher who has up a business specialising in taking childrens pictures is a suitable job for someone banned from ever setting foot in a classroom again. You dont need to worry about CRB checks when your self-employed.

    Very simply I just want to post the checkable facts and let people decide whether or not they want to trust their kids to him. Its not a witch-hunt - just a public airing of facts that he seems to think he can hide.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    If this is an issue for the Police, take it to them.

  6. I should think his local - or even a national newspaper - would be interested.