Building a wanking machine.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by goatrutar, Jan 18, 2012.

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  1. This was mentioned briefly in another thread a while ago. What sort of wanking machine would you build as a terminally lazy masturbater?

    Liver in a boot? Cardboard tube and a paintbrush? Be creative.
  2. You mean like this:

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  3. You stuck for ideas?
  4. Yep. Getting too lazy.
  5. A Thai bird should do it.
  6. Tenga flip hole, had mine a few yrs now google it, if you cant afford one, smear some peanut butter on ya knob and let ya dog nosh you off
  7. One of those Wavy Hands they used to have in cars, put a boxing glove on it and stuff sliced slightly microwaved ham in the palm?
  8. Have to rip rovers teeth out first just to be safe.
  9. Yeah, might leave a bit of a scar with that pig dog of yours. Eaten anybody lately?
  10. I just put tuna on the end of my dick and let the cat lick it.....job done!
  11. Not in the last week or so.
  12. Fuck me I'll have to find a cat and rip it's teeth out too. Too fucking old for danger wanks.
  13. I can see what you do with the flip hole but the variety box of eggs as me stumped,not that I need to know.:)
  14. I remember many moons ago that a bloke was telling me how he's fill a jar full of earth worms and shove his knob in and all the wriggling of the worms made him shoot his load! Must have took a while as worms aren't the quickest of wrigglers I imagine!
  15. Document shredders are good, but a bit of a one-off.
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