Building a Modern Arsenal in India

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. in full
  2. 8) Cost and corruption will decide who gets what it wins hands down. 8)
  3. Looks like BAe are halfway there then :roll:
  4. Be interesting to see what happens with India seeing as apart from Iraqistan they apparently get the most muslim terrorist attacks .
  5. Would you be saying that though if you were a councillor in Barrow-in-Furness?
  6. Under the Bush administration, sanctions have been lifted and military ties have deepened.

    Nothing like putting the frightners in Pakistan to help get sanctions lifted is there.

    It'll be interesting to see the likes of Lockhead and Gruman up against MIG, assuming the whole thing is run fairly, which it more than likely won't be.
  7. Presumably with all of this cash floating about, if there is a natural disaster they won't be coming cap in hand for assistance! Oh and poverty and famine will be a thing of the past.

    To the tune of "And the band played believe it if you like!"
  8. Its not all out of the goodness of their hearts you know.

    No doubt State Dept. strategists view India as an ideal counterweight to China.
  9. Was in shock there, thought they were moving The Gunners to India,same as all our call centres.
  10. It is really only a matter of time now before the Indian Government sends some of its units over to the UK, having struck deals with our political leaders, in order to protect its citizens and economic interests from the mayhem in UK cities and towns. In time they will appoint Provincial Governors, District Commissioners, and Police Superintendants to ensure that things begin to done properly and in an orderly fashion. There will be other changes, of course, the Household Cavalry will be replaced by the Bengal Lancers, and a Governor-general's Bodyguard appointed. With luck they will cure the unemployment problem because of the numbers of servants required from the local population. If we are really lucky they will actually sort out the shambles on the roads and railways.. And of course, the 2012 Olympics might actually work and be within budget.
  11. Ever taken the train or attempted to cross a road in India? :D
  12. The India Corps suffered heavily in WWI but never let anyopne down. My great grandfather served in the Meerut division alongside them. What we have gleaned from researching him shows that they were held in high regard. Indians paid a heavy price in WWII. I wished we could have had a steadier and slower road to the partition of the subcontinent that would have lead to a more peaceful transition.

    We should strengthen our ties with India as much as possible. For some strange reason I think we have a bond that could potentially rival "the special relationship" in economic terms. Militarily it looks like the Ruskies have got a big lead. Is PAK-FA/SU-50 going ahead with India as a major partner?

    I admire them as a people, don't forget they are the worlds largest democracy (population wise) and they will be the superpower that will rival/counter balance China in the region over the next century.
  13. Garwhal wrote:

    I tend to think that too.
  14. "poverty and famine will be a thing of the past."

    yeah right on RM.
    India is doing wonders but will never do anything serious about it's billion on less then one half a US$ a day.
    It's mass of pesants, who as one old Shaib pointed out, Had probably never sen a Brit Shaib, is what gives India its massive industrial streangth, dirt cheap labour.
    China is ahead of India now, but is starting to learn some of the problems of a modern sociaty.
    Pensions ageing population and the imbalance of the sexes.
    The west has sold off it's Heavy industry and seems only to happy to let overseas companies have the forth cumming pension and health care problems.
  15. This is excellent news for the UK.
    Despite what some may think, the UK is held in high regard in most of the world (except for the sandy bits and other places where the majority prey/pray towards mecca).

    As the Indian economy grows there is so much potential for the UK.
    JCB have got in on the act:

    Trade is growing all the time, what ever jobs are lost to those dastardly annoying call centres will be made up, infact more than made up by other exports and trade:

    And also for you Military guys the good news is that when the time comes to duff up pakistan you will have an army 1.5-2 million strong to fight beside you (watch out for my cousins, they are the tall psycopathic blokes with turbans !)

    British forces are already training with them:

    A bit of a change from "It ain't half hot mum" don't you think ?