Builders Breakfast or Onion Bhaji What are you Voting for?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gundulph, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. Builder's Breakfast - Egg Banjo and all that Mmmmmm

  2. Cajun Squirrel - One for the Colonials Only?!

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  3. Fish & Chips - Been done before and a tad boring.

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  4. Onion Bhaji! - If it was Chicken Compo Curry then I'm in.

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  5. Crispy Duck & Hoisin - If I knew what it was I might Vote!

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  1. With the other choices on offer I think the Builder's Breakfast is the Winner... what's everyone voted for? lets have an ARRSE Poll to compare with the real Voters Poll...

    View the Flavours Here
  2. W-1 & daughter bought some of these at the weekend.

    i liked the onion bhaji ones & the builders breakfast ones.

    the others were pretty bland in my opinion.
  3. Bought a bumper pack for work the other day - tried them all and they are phish! Only one I thought worth while was duck!

    Chocolate & Chili - YUK
  4. agreed, they were rank.
  5. Builders Breakfast just tastes of over cooked egg yolks yukkkkkkkkkk. Onion Bhaji just the thing after a few beers.
  6. Can't beat a builders breakfast - especially at about 10.00am when you've done a couple of hours work...

    Onion Bhaji and curry on a night though 'MMmmmm.....lovely'
  7. I remember there being hedgehog flavoured crisps years ago, just tasted like beef though.
  8. That onion bhaji chick is fit, wonder if her hoop tastes the same - onion bhaji hoop, I'll have some of that!
  9. Do you mean wife number 1 and daughter? How many wives do you have?
    Or do you mean your 1st wife, now ex, in which case why is she buying you crisps?

    Anyway, as for me, I wouldn't vote for any of them. Ready salted is fine for me.
  10. Fish & Chips........shite just like Salt & Vinegar they got binned

    Cajun Squirrel.............shite ruins good squirrel, got binned

    Choc & Cilli...........shite, got binned

    Duck & Hosin...........not bad, got scoffed

    Onion Bhaji...........quite good, scoffed

    Builders Brekky...........bestest, had a few bags.

    Just my humble opinion. :wink: :)
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Tayto Cheese & Onion are all you'll ever need..!
  12. Wonder who created these:

    A: Wizard food scientist who spent sleepless nights and endured the hardships and self denial know only to the true genius to bring us these delights.

    B: Gobshite marketing types who dreamt up such "innovative" products and only then asked the food scientists to brew up some flavouring that might approximate to what was on the outside of the packet after 15 pints of Old Atrocious and a Lamb Tindaloo.
  13. The builder's breakfast ones are fcuking gopping. They taste like farts smell. Saying that, the rest of them aren't anything to write home about either.
  14. All absolutely bogging, the builders breakfast tasted and smelled like rotten eggs with ketchup on. The aftertaste on the choc and chillie was foul like burnt toast. The onion bhaji and cajun squirrel whilst edible were anything but pleasant. I hope none of these end up in multipacks of walkers crisps. Its bad enough trying to get rid of prawn cocktail and smoky bacon at the best of times.
  15. These sort of snacks (along with those corn or extruded potato snacks so beloved of Mr Deputy) only exist to serve the drinks industry. Their noble history stems from the desire of those who sell beer to make their customers more thirsty. And that all dates back for centuries, to the days when landlords would regularly water down their ale, and would add salt to it to increase their customers' thirst.

    The post of ale tatster - a man who tested ale and beer for quality was first recorded in 1377 in London, and appointed by the Manor, a forerunner of the Inspector for Weights & Measures.

    William Shakespeare's dad was an ale taster, appointed in 1556, he was chosen as one of Stratford-upon-Avon's two ale-tasters — an office for 'able persons and discreet', whose duties were to check that bakers made loaves of regulation weight, and brewers 'wholesome' ales and beers at regulation prices. The ale-taster's powers were considerable: those he found in breach of the regulations were liable to appear before the twice-yearly manorial court, or 'leet', which had the power to inflict punishments from fines to a whipping, a sojourn in the stocks or pillory, or even worse public humiliation in the 'cucking stool' — a chair in the shape of a giant chamber-pot, in which the offender was ducked in the river to the delighted derision of his clientele.

    Anyway. The upshot of all this is that the whole point of these snacks is not to give you pleasure, but to make you drink more. Most of the flavours have never been within a mile of the animal or plant they are purporting to resemble. They are chemical concoctions of the utmost filth and the names they carry are simply marketing devices, to encourage you to buy them, consume them and then drink more booze.

    Er, and thats about it. Rant over.