Hey guys, go to pirbright on 18th of May for basic and just wondering, Im a skinny lil cnut but fit none the less. will this get me alot of grief from the cpls and other recruits, and is it unusual?

Cheers, Phil
If you passed selection I wouldn't worry, I'm 5'9" and weigh 12 stone so I'm not a brick sh1t house. I think being big and bulky would be a hinderance during training, there's a difference between having functional strength and endurance and being a massive steroid freak with no stamina.
Ha ha, I may have to tackle drunken squaddies to the ground. So I think I've got more to worry about than you guys. I can just imagine me being thrown around by a 7 foot Para who's been out on the p1ss :D


what are you going for and whats your run times? I can only seem to get 11:30 - 12:00 no matter how hard i try :D prob my tubby belly lol..


well, my selection was 10:06 and im goin CMT, but its been 6 months since selection and ill confess my fitnes regime hasnt beens tuck to like ti shud, cos of motavational problems, but i kno, ill be able to rag myself around well once im there
Motivational problems are alot bigger problem than build. I got in on a "teen allowance", bmi was very low. i was 6'0" and 155 lbs or so, but very fit. I wouldnt worry. Within 4 years I was a 185 lb. brawler with no Body fat a t all. Your metabolism can work in your favour if you give it time.
Canadian Forces. but Im sure UK has same thing. Its a recognition that at 17 yrs old a male is not done growing, ie: height increases faster than weight at times. Basically just an acknowledgement that all will work out.


Met a lad once universally called Skinbone, only his webbing kept him anchored to Mother Earth on a windy day, and he didn't have any problems. Just put your best effort in and it will be rewarded, D/S love a trier.


aye anything army based i always put 100% in, due to bein terrified of the cpls and 'cos i want to succeed, im just worried, waiting makes your mind wander..
No, I was a right skinny rat. I only just scrapped in for the minimum weight. You couldn't tell that now though!

There were two other really thin recruits in my training party so the full screws made us polish off the range stew every time we were shooting. Whilst at Gib Bks we would do a fair bit of training on Hawley Hard and my full screw always made sure I had at least 3 slices of chocolate cake at lunch. I put on a stone in basic training, lost it whilst at Gib then managed to get up to 10 stone and stay there for years until my hip started playing up.
Because they forcefeed the skinny and beast the fat. Given that youre going RMP, I suspect you are a fat bully who likes to throw around his size.


Size doesnt matter ;)

Seriously though, surely being a skinny kid is better for PFT scores as you have less weight to shift around yet being a fat/tall guy is better for CFTs and the like as you are more used to the weight and find the stride easier. Swings and roundabouts.

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