Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Little Jack H, Jul 11, 2005.

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  1. We've had a lot of talk around the site lately about Trolls and Walts and RT's description earlier about his efforts to Walt it as a Civvy.

    Got me wondering... if you were aiming to build the Perfect Troll, one that would alienate / generally pissoff the maximum number of users on a website, what characteristics would you design in? Because all sites have different "standards" say, for example, you were aiming to build a common Object of Hatred for all users of Arrse?

    I'll start the list with the following.......

    Using PMs to try to break persec & gather personal info about other users

    Refusing to answer similar questions about itself, thereby ruling out the possibility that it's simply over-friendly

    Starting REALLY bone posts, then letting others rip em apart without defending, and just starting another

    Usin grama speling and wich is like really crap except in PMs when it suddenly gets fairly literate

    Any more pet hates out there?
  2. Using Chav text speak, which really winds me up.
  3. LJH:

    so , basically.. Lawstudent..

    or are you looking to create Lawstudent Mark II? and unleash this on the internet like a virus?
  4. Sh1t threads in the naafi. Typically ones which are not funny, cut and pastes and polls about how g@y a user is.

    For example: How to create a perfect troll.
  5. one word-

    queen of troll city

    lawstudent- also a cretinous troll who excels in being a cnut

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  6. Yeah, you for a start with your bone f*cking threads. F*cking oxygen thief.
  7. Ooh Biscuits... you are mean... perhaps you should dunk yourself in a hot brew... make yourself all soft and squidgy. Feel the love man! xx
  8. Poke it.
  9. :( You truly do have some pent up emotions... But that's ok, I forgive you. Still feeling the love.
  10. Don't go walking up any dark alleys when Cutaway's about........or you'll be feeling the love alright.
  11. What seems to do the trick is:

    1. Ask a mod if they will hand out 'On Warning' labels to impose discipline, and get put on warning.

    2. Say that it would look better as a tag-line, like Greenhat does on, and get banned. Works for me...

    3. Use one site to settle scores with another. Bit tricky, this one...