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Bugsy and his beloved Socialist Workers Party


Book Reviewer
Wombats were really quite passe by 1980. Loud buggers they were. Just dont stand behind one.

I can say that no polecat of whatever type was misused, tortured or sexually abused in this thread. The polecat has a life span of less than 10 years so any in MiT's underwear have mercifully have passed on.
I loved this comment

Maitaimik JimmySands
3d ago
Rarely a piece seen a Guardian article with so many home truths.

Always important to remember the gulf between theory and practice, between idealism and realism, and between utopia and dystopia.
One of the things I so like about the BTL comments (the gift that keeps on giving) is that they always make the Arrse community look like a big bunch of cheerful huggy-muggy friends
Talk about slow response times....

I was lucky enough to get a 'Bugsy Drive By 'Show Again Brain Cell' Attack' today. It's several eons since I lasted posted in this thread.

Has the alcoholic teller of untruths recently recovered from a cider induced coma of Rip van Winkle magnitude?
If you continue to feed a troll, he will continue to shit in your house!
If you continue to feed a troll, he will continue to shit in your house!
Unless that troll is earth in which case he'll continue to shit in the street.