Bugler Needed Urgently!


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Put this in the Charity & Welfare because it's a beg and for a good cause, but MODs feel free to move if inappropriate.

Extremely lastminute.com, but just been asked if I can rustle up a Bugler for the unveiling of a memorial tomorrow afternoon in the Wakefield, Yorkshire area. The memorial was funded and built by the parents of one of our KIA platoon mates and was an entirely civvie affair hence they it didn't occur to them. We'd like to make it something special so would be extremely grateful (you won't have to buy a single drink!) if there are any buglers who could give us a rendition of High on the Hill/Over the Hills And Far Away etc. tomorrow. We can arrange transport (up to a point), accommodation and feeding.

It's a long shot I know, but if you don't ask ...

you have pm
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