Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by wana_b_sapper, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. Hey,

    I want to learn the bugle!

    Just wondering if anyone here plays this instrument. As i would like to know, does modern bugles have valves???

    Are they hard to play???

    Whats the price of a bugle roughly???

    Thank You
  2. I have a pink Oboe you could play. It's quite easy.
  3. I learnt how to play one in the cadets when I was 14. They don't have valves, just a mouthpiece. It's all in the lips, dear boy. I bought one from a local "antique" shop near me a few years back, for £30. I amazed my kids, and the current Mrs Ape, with my bugling talent. It's still there, albeit a crappier, less in tune talent, 26 years later.....

    Oh, back to the question. Lernin how to play one. I would have thought that only the cadets/military still teach such a life enhancing musical skill these days, but you could try the local brass band?

    Bugle on, dude!
  4. Cool, so band still play bugles without valves, just i asked the question as on saturday night in the local town hall i was in a festival of rememberance show( i am the standard bearer for my ATC Sqn), and a woman played the last post on a brass instrument, i think it was a trumpet or a bugle with valves!!!

    Also I have read some articles on the web, and they say playing the bugle is about buzzing your lips? What is this and is it a difficult technique to learn??

    Please no stupid answers as i am dead serious about this!
  5. Ignore the Duke, he's just jealous of my lip action.

    Trumpet = valves, Bugle = no valves.

    It is all in the lips, pursing of. Trouble is, I can't remember how I was taught [feck off Dukey boy.....!!]. I think you just have to purse your lips, and blow [oh, it gets worse...] and then see what sound it makes. Practice was the key. I remember the neighbours went wild when me and a mate practiced our "skills" in the garage at the bottom of the garden. Oh, and much as I hate to admit it, it was an ATC squadron I learnt with...

    Is there not anything on the interweb you can look up.

    Expecting incoming from the 13th Dook of Chutney... :)
  6. Ding Dong!!
  7. I should get a prize for feeder lines like that Dukester!!!
  8. If you dont mind me asking which squadron????

    Is it realitivly easy, if u practise???
  9. We're a real double act
  10. Me? With a bugle? In the garage? With MY reputation???
  11. Now you're stealing my gags! ... that's it, we're over. I'm going solo.
  12. "I can't answer that question, Sir!" It was about 300 miles south of you son, if you are in jolly jocko-land. As for learning, it can't be that hard if a biffer like me can play it now can it? [que Dukey!]. I got quite good after a few years, and it's just practice. But.. I was playing every week, in a band where one's howling caterwauling is masked by others, and where eventually you improve. I played the Last Post at a few Remembrance Sunday's I did. Oh yes.
  13. Oooh! Going solo Sir? Are you? Are you? Isn't it? Oooh... suits you Sir!
  14. That's so mid-nineties. You'll never make it alone Dave ... Jazz Club.
  15. I know Duke, I know. I'm all washed up man.... come back... we were good together...... we can do this........:cry: :cry: :cry: