Bugle Calls

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Suddick, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. I recall the Drummy telling me that bugle calls were memorised with words for each call a la 'Come to the cookhouse door boys...'. My Frau doesn't believe me. Before I am forced to correct her attitude :twisted: I would like some evidence. Anyone got a link to the various calls?
  2. You are right, but I cannot back that up at the moment.
  3. They were when i was in and that was many moons ago :meditate:

  4. Shave and a haircut... Two Bob
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

  6. Get out of bed, you lazy buggers - reveille.

    Fall in A, Fall in B, Fall in every Company - parade.

    Come to the Cookhouse door, boys, come to the Cookhouse door. Fill your belly full of jelly, come to the Cookhouse door - OR's Mess

    Officers' wives get pudding and pie, sergeants' wives get curry - Offrs & SNCO's Mess

    Come and do a duty, boys, come and do a guard. You may think it's easy, boys, but you'll find it's hard - guard.

    ISTR that 4 G's was a call for the Sergeant Major in those halcyon days before phones. :)
  7. Turn about, Roust about
    Dont f*ck the boys about
    They'll all go sick

    A letter for you
    A letter for you
    A letter from lousy Maggie
  8. Started off as:

    "Come and do a duty, boys, come and do a guard. You've had fourteen nights in bed, so it won't be hard."

    then was bastardised to:

    "Come and do a picket, boys, come and do a guard. You'll think its fucking easy but you'll find its fucking hard"

    Source: Redcoat, Richard Holmes.
  9. Charlie Reveille = Charlie, Charlie, get out of bed, Charlie
    Charlie Charlie get out of bed....
  10. "Oh gor blimey, round we go again" = Cavalry fours about turn
    "Officer's wives eat pudding and pies, sergeants wives eat skelly, soldiers wives get nothing at all to fill their empty bellies" = Officer's dinner call
    "there's a "n-word" on the wall" (repeated) = alarm
  11. A wee dog sh1t on the square, Ha Ha.
    A wee dog sh1t on the square.

    Can't remember what the call was though.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I have all the light div calls in mp3 if you want any!
  13. no thanks ugly, heard them all in NI with the RGJ.

    Something about driving out to a riot, while the duty bugler plays "call to arms" :D

    didn´t d"efaulters" go something like..

    "You can do what you please,
    but answer this call....."

    "Come to the cook house door boys, come to the cookhouse door."

    Fall in.
    "Fall in A, Fall in B, Fall in Every company".

    I don´t know!!
    One duck bit another ducks back, what dit the other duck say?

    Can´t for the life of me remember what this one was for. Sgts call?
  14. "Bang your balls against the wall, Bang your balls against the wall" surely?

    and the classic:

    "There's a fire there's a fire there's a fire, run and get a bucket and put the F*cker out!

    And what about : "We belong to B Coy, dirty scruffy old B" . Can't remember any of the other company calls though!

    We used to have a thing in the mid-80's in Minden when the RSM would grill the COS's on Bugle calls, it was called Name That Tune!

    Anyone remember the one that went:

    "The monkey shat in the elephants eye what did the the elephant do, Spew"

    What was that all about?
  15. Queens Guard (Ballater) in 89, if it wasnt the fkn drummy blowing his bugle to wake you up, a piper would walk up an down instead. Hells bells, a nightmare when yer severely hung over !!