buggered knee

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by littlenickoutthere, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. 2 weeks ago i did a basic 9 mile run, since then im getting a sore type of pain on the upper inside of my left knee cap The problem is im not getting it other than when running and only then after a few miles into the run. I gave it a good 5 days of the old RICE routine but im still getting the feeling in the run. Its not so terrrible to make my leg give way or anything and it wears off soon after finishing running. Any ideas?
  2. Stop running and get it checked out.
  3. Yeah you need to get that checked out, especially if the pain is inside the knee. Don't ignore knee problems...EVER!!! Anyway the quicker you get it sorted the quicker you can get back to things.
  4. Stick to non-impact stuff (swimming, cycling if it doesn't aggrevate it) until you get it looked at.
  5. cheers lads. My local Gp is one of those 'lob the painkillers till it goes away types' so i may just forgo the fcuking around and head straight for a physio
  6. Good idea, it won't go on medical record if you find a private physio.
  7. Hit your other knee with a hammer until you cant feel the pain in the previously injured one.

    This is a crap idea!!
  8. well i do like the cheapness of the latter option altho i then presume itd end up being more expensive when i have to pay a physio to look at 2 buggered up kneecaps
  9. Sounds like a touch of arthritus to me (I have the same). Do you have any 'historical' injuries to it or heavy wear and tear from squash etc?
  10. onFound the problem from a physio.Shite running shoes and a slighty stiff hip. Are PT-03's decent running shoes, ive got some from my days in basic but havnt touched em since really, just wondering whether i should bother spending 60 quid on a decent pair of shoes or whether these will be just as good?
  11. You can't go wrong with Asics trainers, you can also go to a shop that provides running gate assessment for the correct gate style shoe. I would recommend Aqua Running for a few weeks, runner's world decree that over an 8 week period of aqua running, you will only lose 10% of previous running fitness. Stick to low impact!
  12. I think that I'm right in saying that the shoe manufacturers recommend that you replace your trainers every six months or so (well, they would wouldn't they). The expensive ones are not always the best, it depends on your gait. A decent running shop should be able to recommend a few pairs. Is it worth spending £60? Depends on how much you value your knees in the years to come.
  13. Cheers, but what i was asking is if the PT-03s are decent enough running shoes for the job, as ive read some places they lack decent enough cushioning. My physio has suggested with the exercises hes given me i just have to stick to my mile and a half pft for a couple weeks then break myself back into the longer runs
  14. Out of interest, how much was a session with the physio? :?

  15. Love my asics

    Never **** with knees and the lower back

    Good luck