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Buggered if I know

Is there any truth in it ???  As an ex member of 17 Sport
and Pastimes Regt. I am a tadge miffed :mad: about the current rumoured goings on down there in Marchwood.

Has it finally come to the stage that young soldiers are no longer satisfied with young ladies and have to try weird and pervy sex to get their rocks off !

Auto Asphyxiation................my god what is it all coming to  ???

If anyone can shed any light on this or better still scotch these rumour please do so.

Bring me a shrubery !
I have it from a very good source (still serving) down at Marchwood that one of the Stevey"s, whilst buggering his boyfriend, also a Stevey, strangled him to death for extra pleasure :eek:.       True or false ???

Noooowww gooooo !
No one knows what happened that night, but the lad that copped it was a bloody good bloke and not gay.  The other turd concerned did not have the balls to admit it and as been released due to lack of evidence.  Can you believe that!!!!
Just so BigDumbandUgly doesn't get one over on us I have decided to resurect this thread.........

so what did happen on that night? :p
I know but I'm not saying and it had nothing to do with weird sex acts. The starter of this thread needs a slap even though looking at his post count I doubt he'll be back.

Thanks to BPS for digging this thread up.

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