Bugger me, what is a "Blighmey"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by error_unknown, May 17, 2004.

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  1. Fantastique! - (R u a Brit? if not bugger off)

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  2. Cool - but if the Mirror uses it US Forces will be compromised

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  3. Ok - but I like "limey" and me G&T better

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  4. Sux - like you GQ and your stupid "Ensign"

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  5. XXX Rated - I think it is "anti-semitic"

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  6. GD Septics and their bollocked "polls"

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  1. If I have any facts screwed up here (or spellings) please feel free to forego any keelhaulings in lieu of merely providing a humorous correction.

  2. Captain Bligh was not credited with the discovery of using fruit and vegetables to counter scurvy - though he sailed with Capt Cook who is given that distinction.

    GQ on the other hand is credited, along with people like LNV, as being a thoroughly bad advertisement for the septics. With Spams like these two around, it's no wonder that people voted for George.
  3. Capt Bligh is also well known for the "mutiny on the bounty"
    wonder why ? heard he was a absolute cnut of a capt :D
  4. For the benefit of the historically challenged"BLIMEY" is an old expression meaning "GOD BLIND ME!" like"BLOODY" meaning"BY OUR LADY".
  5. also used by cockneys as in "cor blimey" ?
  6. Spot on :lol: [/i]
  7. Your fecking point, GQ?
  8. Just proving that he's a cnut go back to your cider and ladyboys Flash nothing new here :D
  9. The you heard rumors, lies and false reports; try reading the extant record. The "Mutiny on the Bounty" was a romance written by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall while drinking Mai Tais on the beach in Tahiti for a couple of weeks. Their "story" hardly reflected the reality of Captain Bligh, his navigation in a open boat to New Ginea and Fletcher et alii and their eventual escape to homestead Pitcarin Island. For a real eye opener read Bligh's log of the mutiny and his heroic efforts to navigate his open boat and eighteen remaining loyal crew members north along Australia's great barrier reef to eventual safety. Bligh went on to participate in at least four more "mutineys" under his command and histroy shows that he just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time. For interesting additional imagery of the Pacific time read all of Louis Becke's http://www.trussel.com/kir/beckebib.htmworks as well as Michner's (in collaboration with A. Grove Day - non fiction) Rascals in Paradise.
  10. Excellent! and two points with two pints of grog and a letter to your dossier.

    Bligh was actually an officer on board under
    Captain James Cook during the "discovery" of the Hawaiian islands.http://www.geocities.com/TheTropics/7557/cook.html
  11. The word our good Ensign is coining is "Blighmey" :roll:
  12. I am trying to get you to shave
    your fecking stash . . .
  13. GQ your powers os cut nad pasting are outstanding!

    but do you actually know anything yourself?..in fact don't answer that I can guess
  14. Nah, I know less than Bush as not only do I "not read"[sic] as he, but I don't understand pitchers either, esp. the ones I spill me grog on . . .
  15. General Quarters i think i know why your a cùnt. It's because of the Matrix isn't it, true reality is relative to the perceiver. This does expose a question? Not is this all real, but "do others see/experience the same plane of existence?" do they see blue where i do? do they see inclination where i see motive? We share the same environs but intriguingly enough, those surroundings aren't observed and recorded in the same fashions/ways. Essentially i am suggesting you, due to the Matrix, must not perceive yourself to be a total fùcking wänker (which in fact you are). I have used the Matrix as an explanation, as any arguments you present will be met with me quoting large chunks of text from different websites, a few copied pictures and numerous links to other webpages.

    8) (<- me matrix style, honest)