Bugger me grips

Why is it that in this mans army it is now perfectly legal to climb into my best mate bunks and shag his Arrse of but still unacceptable to grow sideburns down past halfway up my ear. As it appears that every bastion of military discipline and tradition is slowly being erased why has this throw back not been challenged? Does the practice of angry warrant officers walking about with a ruler and permanent pen on parades still go on I was told once of a bloke who carried a disposable razor in his pocket and would trim any burns that were to long there and then other than the hygiene issue I cant see people getting away with it in this day and age. The old stand bye of the respirator seal not fitting holds little water as other nations parade looking like extras from grizzly Adams and don’t experience any problems also how hard would it be to simple stipulate that you must trim your bugger me grips when there is a NBC threat.
All the rot you talk about such as shared accom (leading to 5 sexual assault allegations in my Unit in the last 4 months), buggering blokes etc has been forced on the Army from above, by our political masters. Do you rally think the WO's thought that homosexuality and mixed accom was a good idea? If they could stop it don't you think they would?

The area of sideburn length is one of the few areas where ruler and razor-wielding Warrant Officers can still make a difference and attempt to stop the rot further. Roll on 1st Jan, AGAI 67 is going to make my life a whole lot easier! The little shits will be too busy doing meaningful regimental work and show parades to worry about the length of their sideburns. If they want to look like Graham Norton, bring it on!
Are yes the fun you must have enforcing pointless discipline for minor offences get those boy running about with a shell above there heads that will learn them. I like the knee jerk reaction though long side burn must look like Graham Norton then but of course. Does the possibility that side burn past the ear can be smart if properly trimmed feature in your world. You also totally missed my point I used the homosexual analogy not as a indictment of such practice but as an example of how some things change and some don’t. Don’t fret though as soon as AGAI 67 come in you can have them painting the kerb stones in regimental colours like the best of them just don’t except any brews unless the taste vitamin S flicks your switch.
I got 14 days ROP for having long sideburns once, or was that because they needed someone to paint the kerbs before a Royal visit.
you probebly deseved every day how will you storm enemy postions if you dont have short side burns
Greengrass said:
..but still unacceptable to grow sideburns down past halfway up my ear.
You learn something new every day, I though it was "keep it above the earlobe".


Why is it that in this mans army it is now perfectly legal to climb into my best mate bunks and shag his Arrse of but still unacceptable to grow sideburns down past halfway up my ear.
I have never had a problem with either!
Make 'em compulsory.

Girls too.
Make 'em compulsory.

Girls too.

Oh happy days when your gun number one was a great big hairy arsed seargant,..............and so was Brenda from the MT section!
Greengrass my friend, I think it is you who are missing the point. So it's OK to grow your sideburns down passed your ear. How far down? Why bother having them neatly trimmed, as you say. Surely if the size of your sideys doesn't matter as you storm the enemy trench, why should their length or unkemptness(if that's a word) matter either? And why not let the rest of your hair grow while we're at it. The women have long hair, why shouldn't the blokes?

The point is any rule in isolation can often be sidestepped if not broken, and it may appear ridiculous, but who chooses which rules? What other rules and regulations do wish to ignore? Do you always wear ear defenders when marshalling an A vehicle? Seatbelts? Servicing schedules? Why not wear your poppy with pride in the right button of your No1 Dress hat tomorrow? Why not turn up with your hair dyed pink?
Hows about you turds thinking about things that actually have a direct effect on our war time role.
eg: less time making barracks conker free zones, and more time on training and vehicle maintenance, (so they dont break down when they are most needed!!) the stuff that actually counts!!
Or god forbid letting the guys and girls go and have some leave or do some adventure training!! No couldn't have that!! That would cause an outbreak of morale!!
Remember the guys and girls who are the Army today have been deployed a hell of alot more than the old farts that waltz around with there pace sticks checking on sideburn lengths....ooooh in my day!! bollox to your day!! go talk about it in the legion!!

Is it any wonder why every chuffer is signing off!!

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