Bug/flu at ATRs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Leigh, Jan 27, 2007.

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  1. Was just wondering if anyone had heard about the bug/flu that is apperently spreading through the ATR's.?
  2. A bug that spreads through ATRs that are a couple of hundred miles apart and doesn't affect either the civil or military population between them? Or the normal winter sniffles/cold that most people have this time of year which spread easily through a closely packed population whos immune systems have been affected by tiredness and a lot of hard physical activity outdoors?
  3. it's quite common, and usually affects recruits on a sunday afternoon when they have to go back to work.

    often combined with "cancelled" trains and mysterious road accidents that never happened.
  4. which are especially amusing when a member of the Regimental hierachy is on the same "cancelled" train and happens to be in the guardroom when you phone up to make the excuse - as at least one lad from 11 Sig Regt last year can testify.
  5. when i used to do ROS in chatham, i quickly learned to have BR national rail enquiries on my phone list, ready for sunday nights.

    "i can't get back to work Sgt, i live in the middle of nowhere and the trains are cancelled" etc

    "what's your home town and whats your nearest station?"

    kept them on hold, called BR on my mobile, verify stations, confirmed trains running, times etc.

    then read them back to Scrotey McLiar and order to report to guardroom on arrival. funny how they stop bullshitting when you read them a list of their train times with relevant stations and connections :)

    also funny when they say "i can't get to the station", so tell him to put his dad on the phone. "Spr Fucknuts says you won't drive him to the station?" "wait till i get my hands on him, said he had a long weekend" etc etc.

    i don't remember lying or bullshitting to try and come back late from a weekend of leave during training. think we were all a bit more scared of what they could do to us, in those days... *swings lamp* lol
  6. I have heard that all the ATR's have been quarantined. My OH is at one of them at the moment, but has not been told whats going on?
    He said that everyone there is ill, high temperature etc.

    So I was wondering if anyone on here knows more on this?

  7. Of course they have - either his Troop's fucked up and they've been gated or he's shagging someone else.
  8. :D

    are you on the blob this weekend by any chance?

    bet his mobile is broken till sunday too.
  9. Sounds like your other half is making it up
  10. We had a case of this when I was in basic 3/4 of the troop ended up bedded down some swung the lead walked into the MRS coughed and got bedded down as the staff were overrun with sick JLRS. This was just after the Christmas break as well.
    I wonder if it's to do with the blocks being left empty over the break windows closed no fresh air circulating and heating on full whack. Breeding ground for bacteria. Add into the equation a slightly run down immune system due to the boozing over the break and away we go.

    We were always taught to open the windows during the day to let in fresh air as apparently around the corners of the rooms most of the bacteria etc formed there.....any scab mech's confirm this?
  11. Well I came back from my long weekend with the measles and was bedded down that night, then all of a sudden there was alot of others with the same symptoms. Dont think we was quarantined!

    ATR Bassingbourne, Feb 96.

    Sorry if I infected you!!!
  12. I heard on Fri that ATR Winchester was OOB to all personnel due to a viral infection, haha long weekends cancelled then :headbang:
  13. Crow flu...its a killer!
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