Bufty Foster Parents Guilty Of Child Abuse

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_guru, May 22, 2006.

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  1. Two male gay foster parents have just been convicted of child abuse. Now, I'll probably get some bleeding heart liberal on here gobbing off about "straight" foster parent abuse, but I don't give a sh*te. What idiot decided to let these deviants foster kids. How would you feel if a child you knew was being fostered by Buftys?? Call me homophobic if you like, because I am.
  2. Do you have a link to this story?
  3. I'm not a homophobic but I do agree that they shouldn't have been allowed to foster. Kids need a stable environment, and I'm talking nuture vs nature here. Don't give a sh*t what the stats say but raising kids in that sort of relationship against raising them in a proper mother/father one when the kids aren't used to it surely has got to confuse them more, expecially at that age!

    I'm a firm believer that psychological profiling should be one of the most important checks given for people wishing to foster etc. It might not solve all problems but it would reduce some of these sick b*stards chances at least.

  4. I think in my opinion that all children should have a mother and father I do not believe in same sex people looking after children as I think it just confuses the situation. The thing is whom do they call mum and who do they call dad.
  5. I agree with you on that one Doctrine, however this shouldnt be an issue on whether we approve of same sex parenting. The fact of the matter is that yet again we hear of another tale of child abuse.

    All parents (biological or otherwise) have a duty to ensure the children in their care are brought up in a safe environment - the fact that they abused this trust in such a vile way, in my opinion is the sickest aspect of this story.
  6. So what you are saying is that a child should be kept in childrens homes and passed from pillar to post rather than go to a loving family just because they are gay? In a perfect world, yes every child should have a mother and father but this isn't a perfect world. Are you saying that every single parent should also lose their children because there isn't a mother and a father because one has run off.

    It is this kind of biggoted mentality that means so many children miss out on a loving home.

    I agree with you on the profiling Tiger but it should not matter if somebody is gay or not.

    as Guru kindly pointed out many straight foster parents abuse children aswell, it has nothing to do with their sexuality.
  7. I think the issue is the "loving" that they received here.
  8. Which is not the issue that you raised at the start of the thread, and I quote:

    I think the "loving" or let's just say it out loud, abuse, that the children were subjected to probably had precious little to do with their foster parents' sexuality. You'll be no doubt surprised to know that there are almost NO lesbian child molesters ever documented.

    In addition, I am very close to a gay couple, and I would have no hesitation in them fostering or adopting my son should anything ever happen to my partner or me. I'd rather them than stand the risk of them falling prey to any of the child molesters out there - some of whom are, shock horror, heterosexual!

  9. Interestingly, this could be completely innocent behaviour - I have been known to take photos of my son in the bath, where he is, surprisingly enough, naked!

    Yes, of course, I know "well, they would say that", but I could draw a parallel with this and the Michael Jackson case.

    Don't get me wrong, I know they've been found guilty, and if they really are then I hope they rot, but there are some obvious causes for raised eyebrows in the above.

  10. Photos of naked 8 year old??!! Fcuk off mate, when kids are toddlers then yes, i have some when my son was a toddler, BUT 8?
  11. Kids should be with their natural parents as far as possible. Where the circumstances create a single parent family they should remain with the lone parent. There is no question about removing the child from a suitable lone parent unless they are incapable of looking after the child(ren).

    As far as allowing gay couples to adopt or foster I personally believe it to be morally wrong. Despite whatever people believe to be the case (ie homosexuality being perfectly natural or deviant) it is not how kids are created therefor it is not the benchmark environment that children should be put into.

    Yes kids get abused by people straight or gay and that will never change. But we should not be placing children into an environment that they then believe to be the norm. Despite the number of celebrities and non-celebs (a la Big Brother) who sway the public opinion that homosexuality is normal; it never will be normal for a child to be brought up in that environment, loving or not. Gay couples (including lesbians if true to their sexuality) cannot physically have children. They should accept this and live their lives in the way that they have chosen/ were born* to live.

    *depending on whether you believe homosexuality to be something you are born into or choose or develop as you grow up.
  12. Sorry, I don't buy it. Kids are kids as far as I am concerned, and photos of toddlers could be as innocent or as dodgy as photos of 8 year olds. Adolescents are a different story, of course.

    Oh, and please don't tell me to fcuk off, when as far as I'm aware I've said nothing against you, simply entering into a debate. Ta.

  13. So, Horridlittleman (name seems quite fitting) ignoring the human righst yo uhave failed to take into account ie art 14 Freedom from discrimination, what do you suggest to do with all the children in care when there aren't enough straight foster parents to look after them?

    IMHO people who choose to be biggots or even if they are born that way, should not be allowed to have children, that isn't exactly a great way to bring up a child either.

    Again, this isn't a perfect world, not all children can be part of the generic mother, father family. Would you really stop them from going to a loving family and stay in care homes just because the fosterers happen to be gay.

    Would you also deny a single person, who could offer a loving home that they would never have, just because there isn't another parent of the opposite sex?
  14. Social services often seek to place children in ‘culturally appropriate’ homes. Black families, for example, are preferred for black children because they are deemed to have more of a common cultural background.

    If that is accepted practice then why, assuming a child is straight, is it all right to place him or her in a home where the environment/lifestyle is so different? Doesn’t that constitute a ‘culturally inappropriate’ placement?

    Just a thought.