Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ordinaryforces, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. I apologise upfront if this comes over as a bit bone, but does the RAOB still play any part in todays army? the reason i ask is because many years ago when i was a squaddie, it used to be a big thing amongst the senior ranks,I was always curious about its function and what part it played if any amongst the senior ranks,I have read plenty of posts on here regarding the masons, but unless i have overlooked it i have,nt seen anything on the buffs.I must add that i am aware that there was a charity aspect to it,but as i said earlier its a curiosity thing, nothing more.
  2. Clearly not!
  3. Walt Masons?

    My snowdrop corporal bro was a buff when he was in, I thought it was an "other rank" thang.
  4. And your saying the masons aren't...
  5. The BUFFS was the nickname of a fine Infantry Regiment. My Grandfather was one. I believe you are referring to something entirely different and unrelated to the military. Please do not insult the memory of many fine soldiers with your arcane masonic nonsense or at least refer to what you are refering by its full and faintly ridiculous title.
  6. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    I think there is a bit of confusion here. The Buffs was an abbreviation for The Royal Antediluvian Order Of Buffaloes, a charitable order similar to Masons, formed in 1822, for actors and artists. Lodges do still exist.
    This should not be confused with The East Kent Regiment which was served by my family for many generations (called the Buffs because of their Buff piping).
  7. Fuck off dullard you knew what was being mentioned but felt you had to stick an oar in
  8. During WW2 '141 RAC Buffs' had Churchill crocodiles and just post war many ex Buffs were on the establishment of 'SADE' (Specialised Armoured Devlopment Establishment') and still wore the 'Bulls Head' of 79th.Armoured Div.(Funnies.)

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  9. Barce,
    Ordinary forces was asking about these Buffs :wink:
  10. They laid a wreath at the ceremony on the 11th... I was wondering who the heck they were!
  11. brettarider, yes I did realise that, I was commenting on the infantry connection mentioned and thought perhaps it may have been of interest, but there you go, lets get back to the 'Trouser leg up, hand shake crap' if that's preferable! :cry:
  12. dogfacesoldier,
    Do one, you argumentitive twat, you knew what i was asking, either that or you are incredibly thick, I never mentioned any Regt,
    queensman, clearly you know best,
  13. Back in the late eighties I was a member of a lodge in Detmold I was by far the youngest member and one of the only serving members at the time. The rest of the members were ex-pats of aging vintage. I presume that the situation has only got worse now as the older members have attended 'role call on high'.
  14. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    I have met a few RAOB members during my time in the Army all solid guys ranging from Gunners to Officers, so there are some still about.
  15. ticklish thanks, thats the sort of ans i was looking for, i have never heard of them since leaving the army,