Buffalo trews

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Gook, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. Are they any good, worth the beer tokens? Is it right they've got full length zips so you can just drop your cammies, just zip these on around your knobbly battle-scarred tree-trunks, and then pull up your cammies?

    Would be better than freezing or faffing around with taking off boots, putting on boots etc. And how tough are they if you just put them on over your cammies as an outer?

  2. I had some Montane sallopette's, can zip on and off without removing kit, they were mega for OP/static type work and kept your lower back and kidneys warm, and didnt slip down as the trousers do, not sure if you can still get hold of them in green as these were trial kit and not returned.

    They also had foam type knee pads with cordura patches which were a good idea, but wouldnt like to have to move anywhere quickly in them :oops:

    Ive heard that montane will make kit to order ie colours and specs but think it would be expensive.

    There are some softee type sand/green trousers buzzin around on e bay, never tried them though
  3. Still using my chinese suit under trousers. Excellent bits of kit.
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  4. the buffalo's come in two - or three basic designs - the standard pile/pertex trousers which are fecking warm, pretty resiliant to abrasion as well as rain/snow and reasonably easy to get on and off, the salopette which is exactly the same apart from obviously being warmer around your waist and lower back but is much harder to get on an off in a hurry and the 'techlite' range which don't have the deep pile of the standard special six range, but are still pretty warm as well as having the normal buffalo performance against rain and snow - they are also much less bulky but cost about the same. i have special six trousers and TBH rarely use them, but my teclite trousers get a lot of use.

    the snugpak salopettes are supposed to be pretty good both in terms of the abrasion resistance and their weather defeating qualities, but they will have the same time issues as any other salopettes when it comes to getting them off in a hurry.

    pile/pertex designs will cope better with being wet (and i'm talking about when in the p1ssing rain)than pertex/synthetic designs (which be 'OK' but vastly better than pertex/down designs) so that choice should be made according to where you're going.

    Afghanistan - pertex/synthetic fill (or even down if you're brave!)

    Sennybridge or the Falklands - pile/pertex.

    this lot are quite good for Mardale gearsomewhere cheap up north

  5. You can pick up surplus german thermal trousers for about a fiver. They've got the leg zips same as the chinese fighting trousers and are made of a warm pile material (not quite as thick as buffalo though).
  6. Thanks guys - think I will be going for the pile and pertex Buffalo trousers then. I've got a Softy jacket and am well pleased with it, but your legs in places like Sennybridge tend to end up up to the knee in bogs and if Buffalos good for keeping warm when its soaked through, that'll do nicely...

    Not sure where I can get Chinese fighting suit or German thermals and the issue "softys" are cheap copies of what Snugpak make. Salopettes sound warmer but the whole time-penalty getting them on and off, and whether you can move in them is putting me off, more pricey too!

    What is Mardale and Montane kit like then? And am I right in thinking Cokecan that the "Techlight" trews you have are just the Pertex, like a zoot suit right? Wouldnt keep you too warm but might help cut out the windchill I guess?
  7. i've used the buffalo trews and they are very good warm even when wet. well recommended

    the issue reversible green/sand are also very good however a little difficult to put on under combats due to ankle only zips .

    if in op both are equal but depends on wether issued to you or not i suppose
  8. I've just picked up a pair of snug pak salopettes from a surplus shop in wadebridge called "the bunker"

    25 quid and in perfect nick

    She had a big box of them

    Not bad bits of kit, apart from the Zips only being to the knees. Having said that probably warmer than full length zips
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  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Bugger, not been there for years, would make a good high seat stride especially if you get full length zips fitted. I once came very close to buying a Danish sleeping bag for a high seat which was like a bib and brace salopette but the bottom was a bag not individual legs. It wouldn't get used enough to justify it in my mind sadly!