what is it to be then lads which jacket

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Right guys its birthday time and the mother wishes to buy me something but has not got a clue what to buy me. so i have to advise her. so i need a good field jacket for when its a bit chilly. want to here some of your opinions and preference to any of the makes and styles/series that around at the moment. sorry if this has been done before
I have worn a montane with a tee shirt for most days from Autumn to Spring while working at my civi job in the far North of Scotland. I walk across all types of terrain and in all weathers and the Montane is tops.

It is also very good for my TA job i'm in an Infantry company based up here. It is more robust than both the Buffalo and the Sleeka, having teinforced elbows, comes with an excellent removable hood as standard and has other excellent features such as lanyard loops and great venting.
The Montane is also cheaper than the Buff.

I have tried both of the others and prefer the Montane for everyday use but Buffalo and Sleeka have their place.
Depends what you want to do with it.

I've used Buffalo gear for years for long distance walking, no problems. It comes in different weights, I use the lighter stuff. Breathable, and plenty of zips for ventilation, wear it next to the skin, saves weight on other layers. But it's only classed as 'shower proof' (I don't know about their heavier stuff), and you need some other properly waterproof layer over it if you are going places where the weather is likely to be unreliable, or if you aren't carrying some form of shelter. That said, it dries very quickly when it does get wet. I wouldn't go climbing in it - not reinforced, and the outer skin is not up to heavy abrasion.

Have you looked at kit from a company called Paramo?. Worth a look if you haven't, I've also used their gear for years, with no complaints. Doesn't weigh that much, packs down tight, stays warm even if soaked through, and dries quickly. Can also be worn next to the skin. Has to be re-waterproofed at intervals, but that's just a case of bunging it in the washing machine. I think they provide some kind of longlife guarantee of repair against faults etc and will repair rips and damage, but in many years use of a couple of different jackets and overtrousers in sometimes quite severe conditions, I've not had cause for complaint. They supply some mountain rescue teams (or at least they used to, not sure if they still do) and cater to the walking market, so their catalogue features a lot of lurid colours, but they also do them in greens, olive drab, black. Have a look.
Buffalo all the way.

Had a standard softie - very warm but sh*t when wet.

Had a Montane; too bulky and heavy, didn't fit in a side pouch which was a pain in the aris. Actually, too warm as well for non-static work.

Buffalo has been perfect, great for cold nights stagging & brilliant as a standard jacket.
I've been a buffalo soldier since they first came out and swear by 'em. Some form of wicking T-shirt, a buffalo and a smock (gary goretex optional) have seen me through pretty much everything temperate climes could throw at me. Windproof, great ventilation, comfortable, warm when you need it and cool when you don't. All round, can't be beat. They pack down well (I use the stuff sack from a Softie 9 s/b) and at a push will cram into a utility pouch or a patrol pack side pouch.

Love me, love my buff.

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