buffalo sleeping bags: any good?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by cokecan, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. anyone actually used one?

    i assume that they are great when the bag is wet as pile/pertex clothing is still comfortable when wet, but relatively bulky and heavy when compared to down/synthetic filled bags.

    any opinions?

  2. I've wondered the same myself, even so it can't be much bigger/heavier than the issue one.
  3. They are pretty heavy and very bulky, probably even more than the issued bag (depending which model you buy). I think that the 4 season one tips the scales at about 2.5kg but you can hardly compress them at all. That being said if you are constantly getting soaked there is nothing to touch them. They still wont be as warm wet as when dry, but unlike synthetic or down fills the insulation will not totally collapse so they will still be pretty good, also they dry quickly. They will take an astonishing amount of abuse, I know a chap that walked over his in crampons. A couple of lengths of duct tape and it was none the worse. If he had done it with a down bag... well you get the idea. You can get them filthy without damaging performance much and they are dead easy to wash. I think that the mountain rescue casualty bag is based on a similar design (mind you if you're carrying one of them you can forget about carrying much else). They are great if you are going to get really wet and muddy but they have a big weight and size penalty. You pays your money and takes your choice (oh, and you play quite a lot of money).
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Buffalo bags ?

    Bloody brilliant !

    As Philosopher says they're a bit heavier and bulkier than the Hollofill sort, but if you don't use those stupid 'compression' sacks that create a beachball for the bergan then you're sorted.
    I've had one for over twenty years and it's not needed repair nor refurbishment despite some very hard work.

    Whenever I've tried to cut down on weight I've pondered on going over to the Softee type, (and tried them,) but when the most important zip in NATO is pulled up I've always been fuffed to chuck that I was laying inside a fleece bag.
    Maybe I'm lucky as I don't need a thick gonkbag to keep warm - the lightweight Buffalo & a bivvybag has been enough even in the arctic, but I'm keen as mustard on them.

    I happen to think the bloke who owns the Buffalo firm is a right cnut but the bags are the mutt's.
  5. I'll agree. Had mine for 16 years now, still in top condition. Got the full monty, heavy(ish), takes up room, but lovely and warm. You aren't going to fit it in a patrol sack, but it does stop you overpacking your bergen ;)

    The really nice bit (that I don't regret the tenner for) was the arm zips. An eight-inch zip, each side on the front, means you can stick your arms out, without undoing that big zip down the middle. Especially nice in the morning, allows for breakfast in bed.

    Just add Buffalo shirt, trousers, and a sleeka jacket for that "screw the weather, I'm toasty" feeling.

    Oh, and undo the zip from the bottom, wear the shirt and trousers, add green wellies, some purple prickles down your back, and you can do fancy dress parties as a Gruffalo...

    (A Gruffalo? What's a Gruffalo? Why, didn't you know?)
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Yeah, another excellent feature of the bags - these zips allow you to wring out the wnaksock.

    You're really into tropical heat then ? :D

    A Gravelbelly in a Buffalo ?

    I just thought, I bought my Buffalo second hand so you can't fault them for durability.
  7. If you think that's the cheapest place for Snugpak, then you're being ripped off!

    I got a Softie 6 (£90 on that website) for just under £60 off eBay, new. Never used one of the Buffalo sleeping bags, but my softie's alright - although it can take a while to get out of if sleeping in boots. Also seems to be shorter than the issue one.

  8. ok. it was the cheapset place i found for my sleeka jacket. fair play!

  9. I endorse everything that's been said about the buffalo bag. I wouldn't be without mine. I don't reckon they are that bulky either.
  10. Bulky but bombproof . Personally perfer a softie bag or the issuse one used one for over 10yrs replaced zip once .Intresting design but wouldnt replace issuse bag with one as just as bulky .
  11. Close, but not quite....


    The presence of a three-year-old in the house means an undue familiarity with the text :roll: . Apologies for turning this into the lullaby thread...

    ...Of course, modern childrens' books that teach deceit, low cunning, and treachery (in decent verse) are to be applauded. Don't get me started on all of he committee-designed, PC, lazily written crap out there...
  12. You'll appreciate this, Cuts - last weekend I ended up on the range, firing target rifle from inside it. Sling and left arm through one armhole, right arm out / buttplate in through the other, one leg out in the cold through the bottom zip.

    Just the thing when you're firing for two hours on a concrete firing point, at about a degree above zero. And it's a bit windy.

    Granted, wearing it to shoot standing unsupported got some strange looks, but then I was warm and the rest were shivering...
  13. Each to his own - I had a buffalo sleeping bag and didn't find it that warm. I was told that fleece doesn't work for everyone, it depends on the heat your body produces! - I'm no expert , but there you go. ( Snugpak - dogs danglies)