Buffalo Jacket - The best, or is there an alternative ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by NAP6W, Nov 8, 2005.

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  1. My better half has offered to get me a nice cosy jacket for winter exercises. Are Buffulo Big 6 shirts the one to have, or is there a better alternative within the same price bracket ?
  2. Snugpack Softie is the way ahead. Buffalo good kit but poor ventilation means overheating very quickly.
  3. Gotta agree softie is the way forward. Would not leave home without it!
  4. Montane Extreme smock, essentially the same as a buff but more robust, better finish and pertex so water resistant and breathable, top kit, around £90 but I got mine for £60.
  5. A nice toasty RAB gets my vote.... saved me on many a cold senneybridge exercise......
  6. Good old issued CS95 fleece does it for me....................................of course i'm kidding!

    I have the Buff and a Softie, both excellent bits of kit. I would suggest a Buffalo for very cold temps, a softie is more versatile and you would probably get a lot more use out of it all year round.

    That said if the missus is buying it I'd go for something like a RAB so that you can wear it in civvies without looking like an idiot.
  7. Tankieboy..heres an example (i hope this works, never put in a pic before)

  8. Like a puffa jacket.
  9. I have a Buffalo Special Six, which did me wonderfully when i was above the 60 degree line in Canada. The Pertex six is also very water resistant too, which was a pleasent surprise. I liked the softie, but felt it was a bit bulky. I only used a softie on Ten torrs though, so didn't really put it through its paces.
  10. Thanks for all tips and advice. I have purchased (on behalf of the good lady !!) a Buffalo Special 6 in black. Due to arrive shortly and be secreted away untill Father Christmas comes down my chimney.
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    It's a good choice mate, toasty warm and the ventilation is actually very good - at least for those who have passed AAZC1 and AAZC2.
    (All Arms Zip Cses 1 and 2.)

    Weight and pack size is another matter...
  12. Aye, the Buffalo Special Six is a top bit of kit. It'll even keep you warm if its ringing wet! Very good buy mate.

    It's also worth buying a set of Helly Hansen base layer thermals if it's going to be really brassic!
  13. They are are a bit of a sod if you wear it out for the first time and end up smashed in a pub after a long day on the hills. Could'nt get mine off (but I am moving a zip, heh? Fuggit). Was a tad warm that night...