Buff Huhne facing complaint of making a "false declaration" of his expenses

Couldn't happen to a nicer chap.
Huhne facing expenses complaint
pa.press.net, Updated: 21/05/2011 18:31

Chris Huhne is under fresh pressure following the disclosure that he faces a complaint about his general election expenses

Under fire Cabinet minister Chris Huhne is under fresh pressure following the disclosure that he faces a complaint about his general election expenses.
Two former Liberal Democrat councillors in the Energy Secretary's Eastleigh constituency in Hampshire have submitted a formal complaint to the official elections watchdog alleging he made a "false declaration" of his expenses.
The allegation is based on a recording of a local party meeting where treasurer Anne Winstanley is heard saying that the elections "have cost more than we declared".
Mr Huhne strongly denied the charge, insisting his expenses were in order. Aides said he was confident the claims would be dismissed, arguing that they were was based on a misunderstanding of was said at the meeting.
However the confirmation by the Electoral Commission that it has received an official complaint will only intensify the pressure he currently faces.
Essex Police are already looking into allegations that in 2003 he persuaded his then wife, Vicky Pryce, to accept speeding penalty points on his behalf so he could escape a driving ban - a charge he also denies.
The complaint concerning his election expenses was made by former Lib Dem mayor Glynn Davies-Dear, now an independent councillor on Eastleigh borough council, and former Lib Dem councillor Andy Moore. Both men quit the party in January in protest at the coalition's policies.
Mr Moore told The Daily Mail that it was based on a recording of a meeting last June to discuss the party's finances in the wake of the election which he made in order to help prepare a note of what was said.
In their complaint, they say: "We are in possession of evidence of a false declaration of the electoral expenses of Chris Huhne MP in the 2010 general election.
"The evidence takes the form of an iPhone aural recording of a presentation by the treasurer to the Liberal Democrat Party's constituency executive committee in June 2010, substantiated by a paper copy of the election accounts."
Never ever heard of an MP underclaimingtheir expenses.



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As Huhne reportedly has an extremely abrasive manner toward those who disagree with him, and as the complaints were made by fellow Limp Dems, I am reminded of Winston Churchill's saying about the House of Commons: "Your opponents sit opposite you, your enemies sit behind you..."



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Here's the problem Huhme has:

Sunlight Centre for Open Politics » Questions Over Chris Huhne’s Expenses

One area of concern is the ‘Itchen Valley Printing Society’, a company that provided a large proportion of Chris Huhne’s campaign literature. He spent £4,426 with the organisation – over 40% of his total spend in the short campaign.

But despite its vague name the organisation is far from independent. The Itchen Valley Printing Society is based at 109a Leigh Road, Eastleigh – the same address as Chris Huhne’s constituency office. And in 2007 Huhne claimed over £2,600 of taxpayer’s money from his parliamentary Communications Fund to fund an ‘Envelope Stuffing Machine’ for the Printing Society.

It is feasible that there is a printing press at the small suburban office that serves as Eastleigh Lib Dem HQ. But the leaflets that were distributed by Chris Huhne during the election all state in their smallprint that they were printed by ‘Park Communications Ltd’ of Alpine Way, London....

...The Sunlight COPs have asked why Park Communications did not directly invoice Eastleigh Liberal Democrats but instead filtered all these expenses through the Itchen Valley Printing Society.
So a number of very specific questions for Huhme to answer (see link). If these allegations are followed up thoroughly (and there should be a paper trail of invoices, etc), it should be possible to find out the truth or otherwise of these allegations. And if proven, will Huhme be ordered to forfeit his seat?

Clegg must be pissing himself laughing in private.....


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