Buff Hoons evidence to Iraq Inquiry

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Herrumph, Jan 19, 2010.

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  1. Well he has been waffling for about 5 hours.

    He has sloped shoulders on the WMD 45 minute claim.

    Said that defence was underfunded and he wanted/asked for more - anyone recollect him saying that while in office or since?

    He has admitted the decision to go to war needed to be made in Oct and says he told Tony so. Dropping Tony in it for next week - nice.

    Blaimed failings on post-war planning on DFID and questioned Clare Short's abilities and decision making.

    Starting to get flustered about UORs despite pretty tame questioning.

    Live on BBC News now
  2. Just because he was the worst SoS in the undistinguished history of the role doesn't mean he hasn't got the one key skill of the modern politician - careful placement of the knife ...
  3. I keep wondering how Peter Capaldis character (Malcolm Tucker) would handle the Iraq Inquiry.

    Suspect it'd be the only inquiry in which there'd be a finger hovering over the beep button!
  4. "Just because he was the worst SoS in the undistinguished history of the role doesn't mean he hasn't got the one key skill of the modern politician - careful placement of the knife ..."

    Well he certainly has had some practise recently, only he forgot to sharpen the knife. Better luck next time.

    The man is a complete cnut.
  5. Sounds like he's trying absolve himself of any blame for anything so far. Haven't heard him say anything that we didn't already know either, but haven't been listening too closely.
  6. Bet he wishes now that he had staged a military coup, using underfunding as the excuse. He could still be in power. As things are, he will get some of the blame instead. It might not bother him though, as he appears to be near the end of his (elected) political career anyway, along with the rest of the government.
  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    I would like to see Hoon directly and publicly challenged on the those deaths of servicemen which were due to inadequate or non-available equipment. Like the guy who had to give up his body armour because there wasn't enough to go round.
  8. He was and started to blame the gunner who killed the Sergeant without body armour you reference, suggesting he didn't understand the workings of a GPMG. That is before one of the enquiry members gave him the chance to row back on it.

    According to TCH, CBA with kevlar inserts wasn't even issued prior to Telic so I must have been dreaming wearing that as I wasn't even in Iraq.

    Oh, and there is no shelf life on NBC kit either.

    If there had been someone who'd worn a uniform on that panel he would have been shredded.
  9. Someone in the "Logistic Organisation" also said they didn't need the second tranche of CBA as well - he couldn't remember exactly who it was, probably the tea-lady!

    He did, as predicted. stick knife into Gordo by stating that it was Treasury driven cuts that led to current lack of helicopters in Afghanistan.
  10. He needs beating with a cricket bat.
  11. Geoff Hoon to the Iraq Inquiry 19 January 2010, complaining about Gordon not giving him enough money ahead of the Iraq War.

    "There were certainly complaints about desert combats. Quite a lot of soldiers went into action in green combats and they didn’t like it. Some soldiers did not have the right boots."

    Geoff Hoon to the Defence Select Committee 14 May 2003 complaining about newspapers publishing stories about how many soldiers did not have desert combats or desert boots.

    "All the requisite numbers of boots and clothing and equipment were there... I am still waiting to see any signs of apology from either individual journalists or from their editors."

    Wait on you lying piece of ****
  12. The whole thing strikes me as a waste of time, what will be the outcome? Sweet fukc all will come of it, In general terms you cannot ask the enemy to wait while you get the right kit, justification, help whatever! You go with what you have got based on the best intelligence available, the other stuff just evolves with need. I just can't help thinking that the money spent on something more pressing.i
  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Didn't he fall asleep during a breifing at Shiba whilst out on a visit?
    Wonder if he actually dreamed that everything was all right with the kit and everything else

    He'll blame Brown it's his big chance to really get the knife in and twist it
  14. "Having a quick Mulley", as it used to be called.

    All the best,

  15. Without swinging the lamp.

    kevlar insert readily available in Bosnia , pre 2000 .
    Had to pass my kevlar plate down the line once into AoOPS ,
    my boots were courtesy of a newspaper appeal .
    never got issued any desert cam .
    and my truck never got a new spray job . I learnt to smell A10 .s from 50 mile away

    why didnt they say the government was skint , instead of its on a cargo ship on its way .

    wasnt the exercise in Oman. in 2001 , the build up for this invasion .

    this is not a gripe just stating a few personal observations .