Buff belt fittings


A cadet Corps of Drums is re-equipping for the forthcoming 150 (Sat 1st May), and has just acquired 2 dozen buff belts and new GS clasps/lockets.

However, the belts are missing the metal buckles (2 per), buff runners (2 per) and buff tongues (1 per).

I can hardly expect anyone to root out and supply same, but if someone could advise the NSN and supplier/manufacturer PDQ it would be a great help.


PS - if anyone wants to impress a certain recently retired (very senior) General who is an old boy, this could be your chance.
According to JSP 768? Clothing catalogue Buff belts W/O fittings are only £15, fittings are also in there somewhere with part nos. You'd have to justify ordering them though.

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