Buff belt fittings


A cadet Corps of Drums is re-equipping for the forthcoming 150 (Sat 1st May), and has just acquired 2 dozen buff belts and new GS clasps/lockets.

However, the belts are missing the metal buckles (2 per), buff runners (2 per) and buff tongues (1 per).

I can hardly expect anyone to root out and supply same, but if someone could advise the NSN and supplier/manufacturer PDQ it would be a great help.


PS - if anyone wants to impress a certain recently retired (very senior) General who is an old boy, this could be your chance.
They seem hard enough to get individually let alone in bulk.

Johnsons of Leeds may have some in stock.
According to JSP 768? Clothing catalogue Buff belts W/O fittings are only £15, fittings are also in there somewhere with part nos. You'd have to justify ordering them though.

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