Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by D.I.S.C.O, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. Boredom Gown is busy waffling as usual.

    He's investing a massive (coff) £400 million on Defence.

    I wonder how much of that will go to the Whitehall Fat Cats, certaininly wont see those serving getting much of it, or new kit. :frustrated:
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    400 million sovs eh?

    That probably equates to a below-inflation increase, so in real terms is actually a cut in funds DESPITE te two wars being fought at the moment.

    When you divide that across 3 services, that's about 133 million for the Army.

    That's actually less than bugger all.

    Edited to add: 33 billion on defense spending, 1% of which is 330 million. So in effect, he's increasing the budget by just over 1%. Current inflation is around the 2.4% mark, not taking into consideration house price increases of 8-10% per annum (they removed that from the inflation figures so that they could claim success). So I was right - this is an actual defence cut.

    Did I say CUT? I meant to say fat, useless, tight-fisted, lying, hateful, communist, jock CNUT!
  3. Still, it will keep the MOD Civil Servants in Comfy Chairs....or fund almost six more trumped up prosecutions against the troops.
  4. Most likely below inflation Biped.

    Alas your calculation of £133 for the Army is wrong. The Marines, I believe, are on a separate budget.

    But most of it's bound to go ......

    So the Army may get a new tank and a bit of body armour.
  5. £400m on a £33Bn budget. Wow. Thanks a bunch. How much of that is new money as opposed to spend already announced?

    At the same time panders to Trade Unions by dumping £8Bn into a fund to bail out those who were members of failed pension schemes. And an extra £8Bn into the NHS to buy some votes.
  6. What a load of cr@p.

    Is this miserable git really expecting us to swallow this garbage?

    FFS give us a break............. your replacement really won't be tempted to scrap your announcement that the basic rate of income tax will fall by 2p in April 2008.......... a year away???

    Your replacement won't scrap the change to the top rate of income tax before it comes into effect, 2-yrs from now?????

    Your replacement won't scrap the rise in the ISA allowance before it comes into effect in April 2008???

    Child benefit rises to 20 quid by 2010............ 3-yrs from now...... really????

    Inheritance tax threshold will rise by 2010... 3-yrs from now.... will it?

    But, with no appreciable delay, he raises tax on booze, smokes and fuel duty.... no doubt there are other gems hidden in the small print.

    So, looks as if Brown has done the next several budgets today or is planning, like Gladstone, to combine the offices of PM and Chancellor or is taking literally the PM's full title, First Lord of the Treasury????

    Brown, do we look stupid??????