I've recently been wondering after various canceled or threatened military procurement projects have gone down the drain; what would be an estimate of a tri-service budget to solve all equipment woes and new projects which are expected to be needed in the future, in addition to increasing the size of current procurement projects so that they can actually deliver what they are supposed to (e.g too few T45s'). The budget should naturally not just be a procurement based one but also one which deals with the other facets of military spending, e.g veterans and research. It would help if your estimated budgets would be broken down into various divisions of spending (research, procurement, etc.)

Hopefully the budgets won't be too fantastic, but perhaps a realistic proposal which could conceivably be implemented (unlikely but possible).

The budget should deal with two Afghanistan size operational scenarios (include your estimates of needed size of military as well if you like).

Would just be interested to hear some thoughts.


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You expect us all to have a deep and broad knowledge of all the issues across the Services to be able to come up with a rough figure for you?!! Are you mad!!!

I doubt even the CDS could come up with a guestimate within a 7 day timeline........

I presume you want the figures to represent short medium and long term funding lines for these programmes? Bit like the 2012 Olympics many will change during development even after the contracts have been signed

then again I think I understand what you are asking..... I can sum it up in one word

WAGHHHHH!!!! although I am not sure which dictionary it woill be found in


Easy sum for the accountants,
My modest home in the UK has contents insurance worth 50k and Building ins worth 370k, to protect this I spend 800 a year on ins and an alarm contract
to compare with the UK
Current contents value of the UK is 83 trillion
Current land value is 159 trillion
(Thanks to google)
so if you work out the percentage of the value of my assets that I spend protecting it, and do the same sums for the UK, you might have an idea..
Go on then....


Easy, return to 1993 troop numbers (increase recruitment from the commonwealth), increase armed forces budget to circa £50 billion per annum, dump many annoying civil servants, sort out retarded procurement proceedure.

If you think I'm breaking it down you can get knotted, give me a couple of months and pay for my time and I'll think about it.


sorry wrong,,,
you are using the american trillion
not the british trillion
a million is 1,000,000
a billion is 1,000,000,000
a trillion is 1,000,000,000,000
an american billion is 100,000,000
either way its going to be a lot
I used to work as a budgeting analyst in a major plc so used to have lots of 'fun' building top down budgets. A quick back of a fagpacket calculation suggests that each of the three services probably needs an extra 3-5 Billion a year long term, to reverse some of the cutbacks. Probably the biggest item would be to make up in particular for the real shortage of deployable 'people with Guns' that the army has, which alone would add about £3-4 billion a year. I suspect somewhere between 9 and 11 billion a year long term would solve most the problems, with maybe 12 to 15 billion for the first couple of years to hurry things along.

In the big picture its not that large an amount, and like other folks I personally believe that successive governments have for political reasons focussed funding on the 'nice to have' things outside of the MOD that they would say have higher priority, rather than the core things that history shows really matter.

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