Budget to hit gas guzzlers hard

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by diplomat, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    Gordon Brown is expected to raise taxes substantially on larger-engined cars in Wednesday's Budget.
    Some reports suggest that road tax on the least fuel-efficient cars will double to about £400 a year.


    Not wishing to reopen the debate on this in terms of 'the environment' (some people do need 4x4!), but does anyone know what the fine is for not paying Road Tax if caught?

    Seems to me it may be a risk worth taking if less than £400? Especially if you have a clean licence. We all know that millions are never caught or fined, so stealth taxes like this are only going to encourage some law-abiding 4 x 4 owners to join them?
  2. Make it £800 a year, thats more than fair when equated to the cost of the car.

    I'll start moaning when i have to start paying road tax again.
  3. C U N T S!!!!!

    My wife has a Landy freelander and it's co2 emissions are nowhere near as high as these twatz are saying.
    A few points:

    I am not a millionaire!

    I am a country dweller.

    No, the last time it went "off road" was not accross tesco car park!

    yes it does get dirty.

    If they want to tax anything why no start on the staff cars the govt use or the thousands of police cars that run their engines all the time whilst on patrol...even if they are sat up on a bridge all b*stard day!!!!!

    One 747 flying fron london to new york burns approx 120 tons of fuel.....enough to keep one car going non stop for over 150 years!

    As allways the 4x4 driver is the bad person :shakefist: :pissedoff:
  4. Thanks to the way in which the DVLA operates now, the chances of being caught for not renewing your licence are very high; you'll get an automatic £80 fine as soon as the computer notes that you haven't renewed your tax.

    Of course, if you've never bothered taxing your vehicle, this doesn't apply, since the DVLA have no record; if you've decided to give up paying tax some time ago and cloned someone's number plates (on a taxed vehicle of similar make), then the chances are you'll not get caught; also, the poor s*d with the properly registered vehicle gets all the parking tickets and speeding fines and has to prove in triplicate that they couldn't possibly have been racing past that speed camera 25 miles away from their place of work during office hours.

    If you've gone a step further, you won't have paid insurance either, yet since you're a more difficult target for Mr Brown and his colleagues than the law-abiding car owner, you stand a reasonable chance of getting away with that, the best efforts of the local constabulary notwithstanding.

    (NB, not a dig at the police - in the case of my aunt, who had her numberplates cloned and was then accused of driving without insurance after 'her' car had a hit-and-run, the local constabulary were very good indeed - 'All sorted madam, as was the young..ahem... gentleman who was silly enough to get violent when we tried to point out he was being a bit naughty')

  5. happened to one of our works vans....twice!!!

    The fact that the real van is on lease to one of the worlds largest company's and on the Wirral rather than Essex made it easy to sort out!
  6. This whole thing is being pushed by people who just don't like 4 x 4's. 'Gas Guzzler'.....what a shZ*te expression. They're trying to get sports cars and people carriers rope in under that name as well.
  7. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Is there any dispensation for those that actually need their 4x4 for work in the country? Can you get industrial status for farm use?

    My folks live in the bondu way up North where, for the winter months, a 4x4 is a necessity, not a luxury. The small holding they have requires the car to smell as if it has been used to transport a tup with diarrhea (which having complained about it, it was explained, indeed, it had).
  8. Its doesn't matter what car you run, this govt and the next (dare I say it) tory govt will jump further up the Co2 climate change bollox and attempt to screw the motorist into the ground.
  9. For a little perspective, the extra £200 wouldn't quite buy you four tanks of petrol. (60 litre tank)

    My old Range Rover does 20mpg so the extra £200 would equate to about 1000miles worth of petrol.

    Of course this extra duty will only apply to new motors like the last hike did.

    It won't do anything for the environment. How much does it cost in fuel to get a Toyota Landcruiser to the dealership from Japan?
  10. What about those poor unfortunates who are struggling with pay rises below the rate of inflation etc?

    Will all this additional tax revenue be used to subsidise the extortionate cost of public transport or will it simply be used to create further non jobs in labour controlled councils?

    I'm sure the country will one day collapse under the wight of all the outreach workers paid for out of OUR taxes.

    The latest scam is Labour Councillors vote themselves pay rises then make a "donation" to party coffers from their wages.

    Whiter than white indeed.
  11. Quite so old boy, quite so.

    Tell me now, do you find the Rolls Royce uses more or less fuel when you set the exhaust to, ahem, "continental"?
  12. Yet again another excuse to raise taxes in the guise of trying to save the environment!!
  13. The thing is you have Gordon Brown expecting to raise taxes substantially on larger-engined cars and 4x4

    When you have a 4x4 in the city compared to a 4x4 in the country it is totally different .

    We live in the country and the only way to get about is by 4x4 vehicle
    May be Mr Gordon brown should come down to the country in the winter months and see how people are able to travel back and for work , taking the kids to school etc
  14. What I loved was the pundit last night, forget who he was, saying everyone should buy a new fancy low-emission vehicle. Surely he should know that most of the 'CO2 footprint' or whatever the buzzword is, comes from manufacturing the car in the first place, so it's a hell of a lot 'greener' to run a 15 year old Landy into the ground, than it is to buy a brand spanking new Prius every 3 years?
  15. The dear Chancellor doesn't drive as well so has no idea of how important cars are to people nowadays,particulary in rural and isolated areas.
    As is usual its going to be people on low incomes who will suffer