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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Asclepios, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. I will be filmed tomorrow as part of a panel of sixth form students by Channel 4. The subject of the filming will be the upcoming budget. I don't exactly know why they're filming a bunch of slacker students, but I'm not going to miss the opportunity to give Gordon & co. a tongue lashing on national TV. I've got my own complaints to voice, but was wondering whether any of the rest of the great ignored would like to contribute their two pence. The film will probably be shown later in the week. No prizes for guessing which one I am (the Gobshoite) if you see it.
  2. It's difficult to have an opinion on something you have yet to hear and I'm sure Mr Brown is quaking in his boots over your threat to give him a tongue lashing particularly as it will be edited.

    Fecking students, think they know it all.
  4. The so called "green budget" will be another way of kicking motorist's in the teeth expect higher road tax/fuel duty on stuff that doesn't have the same BHP as a dildo and range of 20 miles before a recharge. Less people working now so shaft the man commuting to work to pay for the short falls opps MP's fiddling their expenses. More duty on fags (always is) and I'd expect a rise on beer as well.
  5. Sorry, should have said budget predictions.

    I suppose in the natural order of things it is still Brown > students!
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    It will be an exercise in raising taxes hidden behind a 'green budget'.

    I know its the Daily Mail but by god what a poor state of affairs.

    Anyway, ask him about his no return to boom and bust bollox now. The biggest bust in a century.
  7. 'Bottler' Brown's Budget, (with a little helping hand from Mr. Mandelson) and albeit to be delivered by 'Captain' Darling, will comprise:

    More Taxes for everyone (mainly stealth so few notice).

    More Taxes for the 'Wealthy' (to gain 'chav' votes and ensure the 'wealthy' leave the country).

    More Spending of the money the government does not have.

    More senseless stupidity from a senseless and stupid government.
  8. Point of order: if you're in 6th Form, then the word is 'schoolchildren', not 'students'. :)

    But you might want to ask about the IMF report. The look on his face is bound to be interesting.
  9. Fair enough, then Channel 4 is seeking the opinion of slacker schoolchildren for their budget coverage.
  10. Sin Tax

    Cigarettes - up 15p a packet
    Cigars - up 5p per 5 packet
    Beer - up 3p a pint
    Wine - up 25p per litre/bottle
    Spirits - up 60p per litre/bottle

    Green Tax

    Petrol - up 2p per litre (deferred until September)
    Airport Passenger Duty - European - increase by £10.00
    Airport Passenger Duty - Long Haul - increase by £20.00

    Misc Tax

    Personal Tax Allowance - increase by £200.00
    Child Element Tax Credit - increase by £30.00 per annum
    Stamp Duty, Inheritance Tax - No Change
    VAT to be recalculated on 01 Jan 2010 to 18.5%
    Joint incomes in excess of 100K to cease child benefit payments
    Winter Fuel Payments to rise by £20.00

    Incentive rebates

    Lots of Green measures such as electric cars, but little or no delivery programme post budget

    Good News

    Labour to be out of power by June 2010
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Don't let this bunch of cynics discourage you, as much as they're a good bunch. Its great to see the next generation take an active interest in the political future of this country.
  12. Forgot to add:

    National Insurance will rise by a revised figure of 1 pence in the pound from 2011.
  13. Here here!
  14. Cheers. I think part of being an Arrse member is learning how to take the banter.

    So what I'm getting so far is that people think there'll be a lot of increases to minor taxes, rather than increases on the larger taxes (eg. income)? I'm a bit of a novice on the economy, but I might ask why a "socialist" governement seems to want to increase disproportionate taxes.The taxes on cigarettes, booze, petrol etc. are all basically specific VAT's (I think), and the idea of basic VAT going back to 18.5% is hardly "the work of change".
  15. Fiddling whist Rome burns basically.

    VAT to 18.5% is probably an attempt by Darling to recoup some of the money lost by giving the 2.5% discount which did sod all. Im not sure he wants the label of being the Chancellor that bankrupted Britain (he would rather leave that electoral bomb for the Tories...)