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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Schaden, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

  2. They aren't very budget are they!!
  3. Well, if anyone's looking in the £700 range, just picked up an Acer Aspire 4920G from Laptops Direct and can thoroughly recommend it for the price.

    The looks take a little getting used to - dead cool shiny black outside with a sort of pearlescent black panel on the lid and a light grey inside that gets better the more you see it. Honest. Only 14.1" widescreen but personally reckon that's a good size for portable but still useable

    The spec for the price puts just about everything else to shame - T7300 (2Ghz, 4Mb cache) core 2 duo, 2gig RAM, wifi (including draft-n), bluetooth, double layer DVD writer and a 250Gb hard drive. All for £699.97!
  4. ........m I built one with better specs than that for £450........
  5. In a laptop? I'm impressed!
  6. Go to used computer shop, gut a laptop, buy case, and then buy the rest of the stuff on the web. :wink:
  7. Buy a comp. You can get a dual 2 core and a 2GB of ram and a 8600GT for 400GBP
  8. I think you're missing the point in a laptop...it's portable ;)

    I don't really know how they can say laptops in the ~£700 are budget though, any Apple Macbook is frankly a luxury or a professional tool rather than a budget item.
  9. I know, but I've been out a while and not fit enough to carry more than a couple of Kg around :oops: More seriously, I wanted a laptop because I wanted portable and 14.1" was about as big as I was happy with. This is by far the best (UK) deal I've seen below 15.4" and figured someone else might be looking with the same criteria.
  10. Put wheels on it =)
  11. It is the budge computer list for the Times though. Not the budget bin in PC World.

    Laptops are a bit more expensive generally, and if you want one that will hold it's own against the desktops you will pay for it.

    I've always gone for larger laptops, I really (as I would beleive most would need) a package I can un plug and take with me. I don't sit on trains with it.

    DVD and a watchable screen are a must too1!!
  12. There are some excellent deals to be had at between £500-£600. I've just bought my nipper a laptop for school use (here) and i am really impressed with the spec. Not the best processor in the world granted (but to be honest lappy's with dual core processors are better employed as fan heaters!). RAM, HDD size, screen, built in camera are all excellent. Keyboard could be better but overall i'm really pleased with it.
  13. :D try cheap laptops here

    i ordered one i will let you know if they are ok :twisted:

    yes it does have german keyboard....but you can stick your own os in them