Budget, cuts

If this is bone, soz.

But with the state of the country, budget cuts, MoD long term plans (EU, cuts, merges)

Does anyone think that this will have a bearing on the amount of new recruits the Army can take come their next intake figures April +/- forever?

Maybe I have watched too much news today.
Seeing as the green paper put forward today is a post general election proposal, by the current government, which i very much doubt will be the same one come June, i don't think so.

The armed forces still need new recruits, it always will. There will be cuts but they will be at the top end, the two * ranks etc. I heard today the Navy has more Admirals than it has battleships!

I think think these proposed cuts shouldn't be seen as cuts per se more an overview of what we want our armed forces to be capable of. Do we want to be the PCSO to the Police Constable USA sorting out the worlds' problems or should we just be content with our lot and not look any further than our sphere of influence and look to protect that i.e Europe.

By the way Lemon i'm in the same boat as you as i'm looking to go to Sandbags in May, so for both our sakes i hope i'm right!!
Lets have another thread about the green paper!
Sandhurst. I'm in the same boat as you in terms of aiming to join up in the next couple of months.
IIRC the same cuts that castrated the TA also involved a cut in recruit spaces and in the funds to improve Single Soldiers Accomodation.
Quote from i-love-ftorres above..... I heard today the Navy has more Admirals than it has battleships!

The last battleship the Royal Navy had was many years ago [HMS Vanguard]. We have always had more admirals than battleships.
ok then...major surface combants, apologies i am not well versed in matters Navy. But i was attempting (badly) to make the point in all branches of the armed forces there are too many OF-8 ranks which will be the first to go.