Budget cuts to reduce numbers of plod.

Home office spokesman says 2.7 per cent rise this year,

My local force are already making 5 per cent cuts this year.

Sounds like more spin to me
It's true my old farce are facing a huge defecit in funding come next year, the flapping began in 2008. They'd save a fortune by laying off the PCSO's as they're not cheap, taking home about the same as a 3 year service copper.
It was stated not so long ago that Forces in England & Wales had to find cutbacks of £500million by 2014 but not affecting 'frontline officers' aimed at the 'ovetime' policy

"Senior officers have warned against plans to save £70m by cutting "vital" overtime. Ministers insist front-line policing will not be affected".


More & more forces are relying on 'specials' contributions.
Great plan. first make the police a toothless politicised flabby org. Second step cut down on actuall police officers and use more "nosey ba5tards" sorry pcso's. Stage three implement the "spy on your neighbours and friends" brigade and give them a 0909 number to call in on that way you can make it self funding.


Shouldn't really make much difference to the Plod though as they are only interested in nicking innocent people trying to protect themselves / property or motorists who do 32mph in a 30 limit! How much cash does that actually take :wink:
Nothing new, at least up here; Strathclyde is facing huge financial problems due in part to retired copper's pensions.

And when "Ministers insist front-line policing will not be affected" the Babelfish translation is: "We will have enough officers to protect Ministers and ex-heads of RBS." :roll:
We could always release Harry Roberts.
We know a song about that, don't we, children?

Harry Roberts is our friend,
is our friend,
is our friend,
Harry Roberts is our friend,
He kills coppers.

Kills the bastards with a gun,
with a gun,
with a gun,
Kills the bastards with a gun,
Harry Roberts.

Let him out to kill some more,
kill some more,
kill some more,
Let him out to kill some more,
Harry Roberts

Funny how some things stay with you all through the years...
Oh! Good. Remember, fewer policemen can possibly, at the stretch of the imagination, be:

Tough on Crime, and Tough on the Causes of Crime

- unless of course you are a lone woman, weighing under nine stones, at home with a two year old child, who waves a kitchen knife through a window at filth trying to break into her property!

In the scenario above the Police Farce involved threatened her with prosecution for - for - wait for it:

Possession of an offensive weapon
or a similar offence.

The Police Farce were therefore able to 'tick a box' on their 'returns'.

If the incoming government does not grip the nation's police farces simply by dismissing ALL officers of chief superintendent and above - WITHOUT compensation - and subsequently doubling the size of the Farces, then this sort of nonsense will be sorted out ON THE STREETS!
My mate is a rozzer and he is dismayed at the poor standard of policing at the moment, people chasing figures for stats all manipulated to F***. The decent Bobbies are too few and tied up by the nonsense too. Just a big corrupt game reminiscent of the communist approach.

A shame really as we were suposed to have one of the best most reasonable poice forces in the world, the rotten apples aside.
I'm no fan of Mylene Klass but that case sums it all perfectly. Fairly reasonable law abiding folk are easy targets for the figure hunters and those who aren't so law abiding.

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