Budget Car Insurance

Just a word of warning to think twice before using Budget Car Insurance, and check the small print. I have just been well screwed over by them. I have just had to pay £180 to cancel my car insurance with them as I only had it running from July as I am being posted to Germany. They charge a £35 cancellation fee, which is acceptable, but then they charged 50% of what I have left to pay as I was paying my Direct Debit. They would not entertain the fact that I was having to cancel with them as I am going to Germany, which is not my choice, and could not use them to insure my car anymore. I am just as annoyed with myself as I never really read the policy small print when renewing in July. And it goes against the grain paying £180 for nothing epecially with me being Scottish!!!! Anyway this is just a word of warning to all to think twice before using Budget Car Insurance. I hope they go under due to the credit crunch, not that I am bitter!!
Umm. Fees should reflect the cost incurred by the business in cancelling your plan so a £35 cancellation fee sounds interesting. You might want to chat to them again and mention that you are considering contacting the Financial Ombudsman Service.

You might also wish to check your Terms and Conditions to ensure that the information given on cancellations is clear and not misleading. If you find any discrepancies than you may also have grounds for a complaint for not being treated fairly. Again, the firm's customer services team will be your point of contact but you could then go to the FOS if you didn't reach a satisfactory conclusion.


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