Budget 2013

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by slipperman, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. So George is off and running. Probably no major surprises to come, but true to form, the "honourable members" are behaving like a chimpanzees tea party.
    I sometimes wish the Speaker (deputy Hoyle in this case) had the bottle to sling a few of them out on their ears. Balls in particular is behaving in his normal obnoxious manner - it would make my day to see him turfed out before having the chance to reply on behalf of the opposition. If it wasn't such a serious business, it would be hilarious.
    Bunch of children (on all sides).
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  2. Be prepared for intense Sky News coverage now then............ yawn
  3. AFPRB 2013 to be accepted in full, inc. X Factor increase.
  4. What exactly will it take to reduce the sacred cow of Overseas Aid? Ring-fenced at 0.7% of GDP. I suppose it gives them (and various despots) a warm glow before they are tucked up at night.

    Some good news on re-allocation of a % of bankers bonuses to Service Charities.
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  5. Budget Bingo - play along:

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  6. Devil lives in the detail.

    Wait for the Budget notes, but "Adjustments to the Climate Change Levy for energy intensive industries" sounds like a rare outing for common sense.
  7. Expect nothing new as for some strange reason George is wedded to Gordon's failed economic policies of taxing everything that moves. One can only wonder what the budget would look like if organised by a proper tax reducing Tory chancellor instead of this pasty taxing failure.

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  8. I taxed my car online yesterday.
  9. One Penny off a pint from Sunday night.

    3p tax on beer in September to be scrapped.
  10. Wow! Let's get down the pub. Proposed 3p rise in beer duty axed, plus a further 1p reduction on a pint of beer. Welcome, but it will take a lot more to drag the pub trade off its deathbed - hammering the supermarkets would be a start.
  11. I like Lindsay Hoyle, the deputy Speaker. "I cannot understand an opposition that doesn't want to hear its own leader"! :)
    Good man - can he replace Bercow now please?
    Ed now into soundbite overdrive.
  12. A downgraded Chancellor who upgraded himself to First Class travel on a Second Class ticket says Ed.
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  13. regulating the Pub Cos will do more to save British pubs, those scum bags are just asset strippers.
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  14. Budget has been Tweeted online before Osborne got to his feet,missed a killing at the bookies there.
  15. What a crap response even when faced with a gaping open goal.

    Cheap shots about long past events - not even related to the budget. Deputy Speaker should say - if you are not going to talk about the subject at hand then sit down ( you goggle-eyed imitation of a kid's popular puppet)
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