Budget 2009

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Litotes, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. The Chancellor has announced that an already announced £50m to be spent on upgrading our quarters will be brought forward.

    The devil will be in the detail but that sounds like some good news for Forces' families!

  2. Fook all good news in the budget other than that though is there?
    Government debt to rise to 79% of GDP over the next 4 years?????????
    Fuel up 2pence a litre (Sept) again
    Fags up 2% tonight
    Booze up 2%
    50% tax rate on earners over £150k

    606 Billion quid of borrowning over the next four years.
    Billion upon billion pished away. I wonder who is going to have to pay all that back?
  3. Well that is rather a lot of national debt.
    We're fcuked.
  4. Jagman, you know who is going to have to pay, us lot, that's who, no fckin surprises there then.!!!!
  5. We are, Jagman, we are!

    It makes me wonder why Dave is so enthusiastic about becoming the next PM; he will take over one hell of a mess.

  6. every bit as bad as expected. growth halving after 2011, huge borrowing and nothing to encourage wealth creation. I can hear the hum of the engines warming up at Heathrow already. This Budget looks like the worst of all worlds - huge tax rises, optimistic GDP growth forecasts and no meaningful evidence of public spending restraint. Shocking, the whole thing.
  7. That man should be in a mental hospital, because he don't live in this world
  8. More debt to be accumalated in next two years than by all previous governments EVER!!

    Says it all.

    £5million for quarters/accom - works out at a few hundred each. Should make all the difference assuming none of the £10Bn in "savings" doesn't come from the accom budget.
  9. The Budget is a total unmitigated disaster. The Chancellor's forecasts are optimistic (barking). And even though they are optimistic the numbers are big and bad.

    Net debt 79% in 2013. ****ing hell.

    The cost of the bailout is £3.5%. Which, the IMF said yesterday, we're unlikely to recoup.

    Returning to growth in Q4 of 2009. Not likely. China, India and Brazil have all reviewed their growth forecasts down for this year- they are suffering. Any optimism people have been experiencing recently is a dead cat bounce.

    The cuts announced in public spending- a further £9bn of efficiency savings- is an utter nonsense. Not even 1% of GDP.

    This Budget is utterly unsustainable and overwhelmingly political. Deferring hard decisions until next year in the hope that a) something turns up and b) the Tories have to carry out cuts.

    Can I emigrate, please?
  10. Same here.

    I know quite a few "self made" guys that earn around or in excess of the £150K that has been quoted. I can't think of one of them that won't either

    a) Fiddle their wages so that they (on paper) take a pay drop


    b) Bail out

    Although 150K a year is a fair wedge of a wage, it isn't that much if you have spent 10 years building up a business or work on a commission basis where you get paid for what you create or have a very high risk job with lots of OT and danger money etc, etc.

    That sort of wage is not the "silver spoon" limit that many think it to be.
  11. Join the queue. Be aware that the next step, probably already in the small print, is restrictions on moving money out of the country.
  12. I foresee lots of one day "holidays" with "spending money" to my Bulgarian bank happening in the future ;)
  13. Don't be surprised if the UK is still paying off the national debt by & beyond 2020, thats a very scary forcast IMO
    City Traders complaining due to the 45 -50% tax increase on £150k earners stating the high earners will slowly start to the leave the UK's finance cities
    £50 M brought forward towards MOD homes still does'nt sound a lot
    Economy shrinking by 3.5% is far worse than expected

    The banking system still needs radical measures as they are still NOT lending money & 1 female City trader commented untill the banks start lending then the UK's Economy will NOT improve!
  14. Wow.....just wow.

    UKplc is to be burnt to the ground as Labour exits.

    Sterling looks set to be crushed under unsustainable borrowing.

    I sense that a political revolution will be our only hope of remaining a country worth living in.

    If the tories are to do what is required to save the nation,as with most revolutions,I predict it to be a bloody affair.

    I really cant express my contempt for this government.
  15. Well it was to be expected, first chance i get im off out of this lunatic asylum.