Budgens say no to alcohol sales in uniform

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Brandt, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. A friend of mine has just been into Budgens in Ascot in uniform. When she tried to buy a bottle of wine along with a few other items, she was told by a supervisor that it was 'store policy' not to serve alcohol to soldiers in uniform.

    When I heard this, to put it mildly, I was pretty unimpressed. I left a message on the 'contact us' form at www.budgens.co.uk
  2. I think there was an outrage wagon outing about something similar not long ago.

    Basically, what you'll probably find is they have a policy of not serving Plod when their in uniform (ie on duty) which most establishments have. The person behind the counter also believes this extends to Forces (though they may have a non uniform one for the Forces too).

    Unless the company said "we are anti-forces, you cannot come in our shop in uniform" then theres really nothing to cry about here. If she'd asked for a Mars bar i'm sure they'd be fine.
  3. Brownies shouldn't be buying alcohol in uniform or civvies. :lol:
  4. It is not store policy not to serve plod it is the law, unfortunately they get uniforms mixed up.
  5. Happy to be corrected! Original point (minus technicality) still stands.
  6. How can they mix up someone in combats, and someone wearing a big massive hi-vis jacket with "I nick people for going 0.2 miles over the speed limit" who looks like she was a Russian shotputter in a previous life?

    Anyway, don't poor people shop at Budgens?
  7. I might be talking utter b*llocks, (i usually do) but i seem to recall many years ago that it was illegal to serve / purchase alcohol in uniform, a law that harked back to WW2 to discourage sldrs getting mashed while on duty in case they needed ot flash to bang. If that law hasn't been repealed then actually they are just obeying the law - how about that!?

    As i said, could be b@llocks but there you go.
  8. Responsible Retailing of Alcohol:

    Its a guideline that has been misinterpreted by retailers for a long time and some stores seem to think it is 'law' and all uniformed people should not be served. If it happens to you, ask to see the manager and ask him to explain why the store has the policy. If its based on the old Licensing Act 1964 then he may wish to review his policy. If he gives any other reason just windmill the cunt into the discount baked bean shelf. A store can serve whoever they want, whatever they want within the law but if they don't have a valid reason or use a false reason of implimenting what they believe is the law, they should be educated.

    Remember, the old guideline is to not serve uniformed plod whilst on duty....nowt else.
  9. I finished work early today and bought 4 cans of finest bavaria lager (5%) £3.99 and my weekly lottery tickets in uniform in Budgens without any questions asked :)
  10. don't know, depends on the scratchcards.
  11. Maybe it was their way of politely telling you to Iron your Kit and Polish your Boots. They probably thought that you were a scruffy fisherman going to sit by a river and tickle some trout, yer scruffy cnut...! :D :D :D
  12. Pish I neutral turned a Warrior, vaulted out of the mortar hatches and bought a gay mag while wearing odd socks and reciting the 7 Qs in the Tescos in Camberley today.
  13. A shop can withdraw from sale to anyone.

    I think (this may be out of date), that until money/credit/document of intention has been exchanged. Then the seller, (retailer) may withdraw the sale?
  14. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    What is a Budgen,s ?
  15. You right i think. In law, a shop advertising goods is offering 'an invitation to treat' and you're action of taking the goods to the checkout is an offer to purchase. The shop can legitimately refuse to accept the offer and not sell you the product. So, notwithstanding any law against selling stuff and the presentational issues of refusing uniformed pax they not obliged to serve.

    f*ck me, i've put myself to sleep.