Buddist told he cant call his restaurant "Fat Budda".

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. More here

    You really couldn't make this up could you.
  2. He should call it "Fat Jesus"--that'd be ok with the PC brigade-except it might be anti fattist
  3. What do Buddha and John Prescott have in common? You only ever see them sitting on their fat arrses doing feck all
  4. There's an oriental restaurant near me called "Phat Phuc" and no-one seems to object.
  5. Sounds like a council employee trying to justify her existence.

    Mrs J is a Buddhist, She says :

    'I call him the fat buddha. if he has another name no one ever bothered to tell me'
  6. "To suggest this is offensive is to misunderstand the faith. "

    If only the PC brigade could read and take in this sentence...

  7. ...call it 'pom poui'

    (Thats Thai for FAT!)
  8. A quote from the Bddhist Society

    "Buddhists don't take offence at anything because to do so doesn't follow Buddhist teachings."

    What a great attitude - think what a safer world it would be if everyone didn't take offence at anything.

    I'm going to convert but occassionally still pray to Jesus cos the big man (fat or not) won't take offence
  9. Googling the ridiculous Ms Ingle brings up all manner of PC nonsense and council-speak.

    'Lighting strategy' (she's paying consultants to tell the council how to put up fairy lights)

    'Signage strategy' - see above

    'Visioning Progress' - wtf?

    She's also apparently 'Durham City Design Champion', whatever that is.
  10. Strangely, it seems that people have less religious sensitivities here in Norn Ireland. :)

    There is a top restaurant called fat budda on the Lisburn Road... cracking food (£6 lunches), and just over the road from my office... :headbang:
  11. 'Tis the man who started in Belfast who wants to open in Durham.

    I agree about the restaurant on Lisburn Rad - I work just around the corner!
  12. At least it will be difficult to see people on the streets chanting "Death to those who insult the Dali Lama" and crashing cars into airports in the name of Nirvana.

    A tale of white people getting more stressed than the people they think they are trying to protect, methinks?
  13. bonkers absolutely bonkers
  14. When I first read the headline in the news thats what I thought they were moaning about, being 'fattest'!

    The irony of this pc bollox is that a white christian (arguably) has ordered someone on how THERE religion should be interpretated. The only one guilty of being racist/offensive is the council.
  15. That's fcuked up my new kosher deli, The Hook- Nosed Yid B@stard, then.