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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by felixthefox, May 26, 2005.

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  1. hi
    was wondering if you guys had any tips for a budding RE officer?
    courses to go on etc
    i want to avoid being a one pip wonder
    im from a forces family so i kinda now the shit that goes on particually from the prats on high above
  2. Listen to your staff sergeant , recce sergeant and corporals ...

    they're not telling you what to do to make you feel small , they're telling you what to do because they've done it a hundred times and can do it blinfolded without the pam tied round their neck.

    never ever get your driver to make the brews by saying "sapper *** make my scoff/brew" .... you may get a little extra special something in it.

    respect is earnt ... don't be afraid to get out of your wagon and get your hands dirty .... it will go a long way

    enjoy yourself .... it can be a great corps to be in as long as your troopy isn't a jobsworth ignorant lazy c-unt (see all above)

    good luck.
  3. The most important thing to remember is that being an officer is about responsibility not power. Look after your guys (without letting them take the p*ss) and they will do you proud.
  4. Don't talk down to the blokes
    Get the guys on good courses which benifit both the corps and the blokes
    Make sure the guys careers are squared away
    Socialise with the guys where possible
    Get the beers in regularly
    Organise good adventure training
    Don't be a yes man, taking on the world will just p155 the guys off
    Listen to your NCOs but don't let them rail road you
    If you promise something, keep your promise
    Shield your blokes from the crap that comes from above
  5. Plant Life's advice is an excellent Aide Memoire for a budding Sapper Officer!!
  6. Well said! Ps dont go to 28 coz its pump! :!:
  7. Aim for 9 or 59
  8. sorry but whats

  9. Two of the more interesting Sapper squadrons
  10. 59 the comando sqn
    i c now
  11. Good sound advice for any PO, regardless of capbadge
  12. cheers lads

    what about any course and qualicfications that would help?
  13. Driving licsense is a good one to have because if you get posted to a Regt in the middle of no where eg Tidworth you are very much stuck. If you can get onto a potential RE officers briefing course that would be of benefit. I can't think of anything else that would imediately benifit you that the Army won't teach you.
  14. Excellent advice, I would suggest you print it off put it in an envelope marked "TO BE OPENED ON ARRIVAL AT MY NEW SQUADRON" and keep it safe in your suitacase, because unfortunately all the advice you have received here, the chances are it will be brainwashed out of you as you go through the Sandhurst mill. :wink:
  15. cheers guys

    have done :lol:

    :lol: lol