Buddhist Monk decapitates himself for reincarnation reasons

i Suspect he was in over his head when he had this wild idea he be immediately re incarnated.


Or he had not read about the French Revolution ...

Shouldn't this be in the Emperor Mong thread
It will be a great comfort to many on here that the monk has proved that being a bell end is a higher form of consciousness.
So the message here is that atheism is probably the best way forward because you most likely wouldn’t get these silly ideas put in your head?

I’m so glad I signed up for that as a young man!
Violence towards oneself is still violence, and deeds done purely for virtue's sake accrue none.
Da Mo and the Emperor: "I have (lists actions done, buildings built etc.; sorry, I can't remember exactly what). What virtue have I accrued?"
Da Mo answered: "None whatsoever ".

By their own teachings, then, a lesser incarnation (though the Tibetan school think they can choose their incarnations if they keep their wits about them, as per their Book of the Dead).

Disclaimer: not a Buddhist, though I did teach this at GCSE level.