Budapest riots

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dread, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. Well I am having fun here in Budapest. Just got my first taste of CS gas in several years :evil:

    Gassing protesters

    I was with the wench and got bored at the opposition party 'Fidez' rally and so we made our way to the official commeration ceremony at the Parliament Square. Only problem was that the local plod (rendorseg) had other ideas and started lobbing loads of CS our way (I say our way, but there were about 10,000 of us :twisted: ). The plod have these little landrovers with multi-barrel cs canister launchers on the back. Quite effective except that they give no cover to the operator :)

    It is getting a bit serious here as the police are now kicking the crap out of anyone they can find.

    Earlier today the President (univerally loved) the Prime Minister (a lying little 5hit) and the Speaker of the Parliament (respected) gave out medals to some of the original fighters against the Soviets 50 years ago. Over 3/4's of them refused to shake hands with the PM after shaking hands with the President and Speaker - he looked as though someone had just skiffed him :twisted:

    Background information: Ference Gyurcsany (the Prime Minister) was caught on tape screaming at the 'cabinet' that he and they had lied to win the election. (they told monumental porkies). He was also the youth leader of the Communists up until the fall of communism, and then made several hundred million euros by buying state assets and selling them (buy them for 100 euros, sell them 2 months later for 25 million. Sweet). He is an unreformed communist who has scared away most foriegn investors from Hungary and has caused economic calamity here.

    Just seen on the news: there was a display of tanks from the Soviet invasion along with other period vehicles. The demonstrators have just managed to start two of the tanks (T54s) and are now trundling around the city inner ring road in them!
  2. Interesting stuff, how do you think it will be resolved? Will Gyurcsany be forced out?
  3. Unlikely that he can be forced out. He called a vote of confidence in Parliament and then broke parliament protocol by making it an open ballot (normally this kind of vote is normally anonymous) where the way in which every member had voted was read out (and made sure everyone knew this beforehand). His party has a significant majority and as they got hammered in the local elections (losing every single district, city and town apart from Budapest where they hung on by single figures), they all supported him because if there was an election tomorrow the socialists would get wiped out.

    He has succeeded in polarising the Hungarian population: if he stays (I believe he will), then political violence will increase.
  4. And how do you like a smell of true democracy?

    Now Hungarian people is free. There is a freedom of speech, freedom for peacefull protests and freedom to be gased for it.

    Btw, there is a lot of foreign guests now in Budapest. Would they (especially Ukrainian pres.Yushchenko) encourage local 'orangists'?
  5. The visitors are being kept well away from the trouble. Funnily enough there might not have been any trouble if the police hadn't moved in at 3am this morning to clear the peaceful protest outside Parliament.

    The fighting is now approaching my apartment. Great. So far just rubber bullets and cs gas.
  6. I think it must be just Budapest at the moment as I have had a drive around today and the towns around the Western end of the lake are quiet [Public holiday and everything closed anyway]
  7. Fights are restricted to Budapest at the moment but are getting worse by the minute. From where I am sat in my apartment (on Andrassy, one of the main boulevards into the centre) there is a constant sound of gunfire: non stop volleys from three or four locations. Watching the police below me I can see that the police are armed with baton guns and shotguns (firing salt I think).

    CS gas is very heavy in the air: I have dug out my old S10 and it still works :)

    The violent police reaction to the peaceful protests have drawn even more people onto the streets. Demonstrators have now siezed two of the bridges between Buda and Pest and a baricade has defeated a mounted charge by the police.

    Interesting times :)

    I will be nipping out for a couple of hours to have fun.
  8. I like the way the demonstrators nicked a tank! :twisted:
  9. indeed! that's classy! 8)
  10. Must be some kingos out there :D
  11. OH NO!!!!

    Rita and Norris (Corrie) are going there.... :crying:
  12. In a tank????? :)
  13. Lady_h wrote

    Thats probably why they're rioting :lol:
  14. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    'CS gas is very heavy in the air: I have dug out my old S10 and it still works'

    Dread Mate,

    I am sorry, but I have to ask why you have an S10 respirator in one of the sex capitals of Eastern Europe!! What elsed have you got there?
  15. Hee hee,

    Can you imagine Norris sitting atop a comandeered tank!

    Anyhoo, how did they get a display tank going? clever buggers in'em?!