Budapest hints and tips?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by mush_dad, May 23, 2012.

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  1. Providing Mush lad pulls his feckin finger out and gets some decent grades in his exams this summer I've promised him a trip, probably to Budapest. Last time I was there in the early 80's it was cheap, hot and (to me anyway) relatively laid back. But I guess times have changed.

    So, any hints and tips from fellow travellers. Where to stay, eat, drink, get him laid etc.

    One of the reasons to hit Budapest is I'm planning a trip out to the gun club there for some decent pistol and rifle shooting - anyone done it? I didn't see 'that rifle' on the list though.

    Any other 'must see/do' or anything to avoid.


    Done the search thingy which threw up a few tips, but would appreciate any others.
  2. Walk over the Chain bridge to the Castle. There are some great views of the city from there.

    There is also a pedestrianised street (I'm just trying to find it on Google maps) that has a shit load of bars/restaurants/clubs on. It was always a good night out there. It wasn't far from the Oktagon junction.
  3. Ta,

    Although I don't think he'll be up for the spa baths experience. I persuaded him to try out the Hammam in northern Nicosia last year. He came out with a face like thunder telling me "Never, feckin ever to do that to him again!"

    Kids eh, so sensitive about being washed all over by a man. I reminded him that 17 years ago I was doing just that to him, and likelihood is that in another 20 years time, he'll have to be washing me down.
  4. So your Son hasn't come out the closet yet?
  5. There's really only one place to stay in Budapest, imho: The Gellert

    Danubius Hotel Gellért | Budapest Hotels | Spa Bath | Budapest Hotel | Hotel in Budapest

    It looks like the ossuary at Verdun from the outside but the inevitable spas inside and out are brilliant.

    It's just across the river from the main indoor market, where you can sit with a beer and watch the world go by.

    The restaurants are pretty much of a muchness - goulash palaces with itinerant gyppo bands playing the theme from The Third Man and other zigeuner classics, but if you like goulash, you'll eat well. Good cakes too.

    Have a grand time.

    Edited to add: check out Memento Park too for a trip out. Memento Park - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  6. They're hugely proud of the uprising. I was there with work too so might have got an impromptu guided tour but I imagine there are some commercially available. Good effort against the Sovs.
  7. He's trying (very trying), but I just push him back in...
  8. What a great city! Prices are decent, people in general are friendly as long as you are not German or Russian. Buda Castle, Fisherman's Bastion, Heroes Square, The Museum of Military History (Museum of Military History (Hadtorteneti Muzeum) - Budapest - Reviews of Museum of Military History (Hadtorteneti Muzeum) - TripAdvisor); restaurant row-Raday utca and try to get out of the city to the suburb of Szentendre and the Wine Museum (and restaurant) Bormúzeum
    Also the "Wine Capitol" to the east of Budapest is great--Eger Vacations, Tourism and Eger, Hungary Travel Reviews - TripAdvisor
  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    3rd world shithole with appalling food, people have massive chips of their shoulders and you will pay London prices for service from Bongo Bongo land.
  10. Never been there but some friends went a few years ago. Four of them were walking down the road when they got chatting to two young ladies who told them they were from out of town. So there they were walking along the road with them when it was suggested that they have a quick drink in a bar a little way along the street. Four rounds later, they found that they owed the bar about four hundred quid and they weren't going anywhere until the bill was paid. When they said they didn't know it would be that expensive, they were shown a menu with the extortionate prices printed on it. One of them was escorted to a cash point by the two women who obviously by now, were not from out of town while the rest had to stop at the bar.

    ******* expensive beer. Just watch out!
  11. That can, and does, happen anywhere in the world. Your friends are mugs to have fallen for that old chestnut.
  12. That happened to me in a lapdance bar. If you don't take anything from the ladies there's an 800% surcharge on your bar bill. Question it and you're surrounded by Hungarian Mr. T's. Good job my boys turned up on time.
  13. I live in Budapest for a fair chunk of the year.

    Places to go: museums, the zoo, etc. Usual dull boring pump that you can see anywhere, and probably below 700th on the list of the things the lad wants to see and do.

    Several places are seasonal dependent, so depending on when he/you come to Budapest, will decide if they are still open or not (open air bars and clubs). Favourite restaurant (sensible money): Cafe Bouchon on Zichy Jeno utca 33 (utca is Hungarian for street). Favourite restaurants (silly money): Costes at Ráday utca 4 and Fausto's at Székely Mihály str. 2 (next to my excellent tailor if you fancy spending 2k on a suit). Also TomGeorge on October 6 utca is good. Best Italian restaurant (apart from Fausto) is Pomodoro at Arany János utca 9: very reasonably priced.

    Places to avoid: ALL titty bars apart from Palace (near the Basilica, 2 minutes walk from the Kempinski and Meridien hotels) and Marilyns (Kalvin Ter (Ter being 'square' in Hungarian)).

    Nightclubs: Rio, Dokk Club are fine, but don't ask me as I'm an old fart and married.
    Bars: A38 is very good (a boat on the Buda side of the Danube). I like De Vino and Negro (both near Basilica).

    If you are a smoker, be aware that smoking is now illegal in all bars and restaurants (all enclosed spaces). If you come in winter be prepared to gibber your tits off outside for your fag as it got down to -20 last January.

    There are plenty of good and cheap hotels, and even the 5* hotels are cheap compared to the UK. A friend of mine is a manager with the Mercure chain in Budapest so can get you a reasonable deal, but to be honest your best bet is an internet deal. Hotel Zara is a good 4*. The Marriott is crap (nice, but utterly without soul). The Kempinski, InterContinental, Sofitel and Meridien are all nice, and the FourSeasons Gresham Palace is great: best vodka martinis in the whole of Central Europe.

    Have a look at Tripadvisor for more details (

    Have fun.
  14. For the lads who got ripped off by the 'hyenas': working girls who patrol the tourist areas in pairs looking for stupid tourists to lure into a bar, whereupon after one beer or "champagne" they dissapear and a bill for US$300 per beer appears: they are ******* idiots for walking into a trap. Do pretty women walk up to you in your home town and invite you for a drink? Didn't think so, so why should it happen in Budapest? There are only two safe strip joints in the city: Marilyns is cheap and cheerful (about 3 quid a pint) and Palace is high class and expensive (but you get what you pay for).

    Also have a look at this website: for restaurants and places to drink and things to do. The website is written by an Expat (Erik D'Amoto) who has lived in Budapest for years.
  15. Thanks to all,

    Just hope the little fecker gets the grades to justify the trip now.