Bud Light and Clamato Chelada - anyone else tried it?

I have just read the comments on that link.

In Canada they enjoy a drink called a Caesar. It is like a Bloody Mary usin Clamato. They market a special salt blend for *******. It sounds like it would go well with AB’s new products!

Special salt? :p
An American friend introduced me to beer an toe-may-to juice during a hungover/still drunk brunch. Can't say it did it for me, but it wasn't as revolting as it sounds (but it didn't have Bud light in it). But clam juice FFS. That sounds utterly gross even if you leave out the 'salt *******'. I'll have to try it (not the *******)!
Out in BATUS the other year on the lash in Calgary some of the local mooses (what's the plural of moose?) we were chatting up wanted vodka and clamato juice. Had to try it, fcuking disgusting!