"Buckingham Palace will make a lovely mosk"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Adam(KOS), Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. I understand we have 32 in Leicester!
    And we have the EDL next week I believe!!
  2. Over my cold dead body
  3. Hmmm! Mo must have been very forward looking to have initiated this practice, especially as his hometown was 73 km (45 miles) inland from Jeddah in a narrow valley at a height of 277 m (909 ft) above sea level -a long (and difficult) way to go for a swim, especially in his day!
  4. Isn't that what they want!?
  5. Mosk ? or Mosque ?
  6. Mosk? FFS! If you are so worried about foreigners how about taking a bit more care with your own language.
  7. Oops >embarrassed<
  8. Yup. I made a mistake. Under Islamic law, this misspelling of such a sacred place must surely warrant stoning or beheading.
  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    OK, I'm up for that. Do we have to bring our own stones, or are they provided?
  10. Just read in my local paper, The Press and Journal, that Aberdeen now has its first Muslim only ladies hairdressers.

    Frosted glass so no one can see in, a buzzer system so no one can walk in off the street and "beauty products especially for Asian women"... rather a contradiction in terms...go get ya hair done, have nice make-up, but stick a Burkha on so no one can see!!

    The local Business Gateway are providing financial and consultive help.

    Have to say I am really surprised by this up here...I would not have thought she would have that much of a client base.

    Shame the photo in the paper has Ms Madiha Miah, 23 (Ms..is she divorced??) unfortuneatly holding two hairdriers as if they were guns!!..lol

    Not sure what to make of it really...half of me says good luck, the other is on the outrage bus...
  11. we've had afro-caribbean hairdressers for years and nobody bats an eyelid, why would this be any different?
  12. here we go again...
  13. You can bring your own if you want but the rules are quite clear:

    “No stone should be thrown that should kill with the first or second blow, or so small as a pebble to do no injury to the condemned.”
  14. We have too, but they do not have frosted windows, buzzers etc..my eldest daughter went through a period of wanting her hair braided so it was muggings here that had to take her to get her hair done at one of these places. It was inclusive, not exclusive. Afro-caribbian establishments do no bar you on religious grounds. I think thats the "outrage" bit for me....but then I hate religion with a passion.