Buck shee Christmas leave - Please help.

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Typhoon, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. Hopefully right forum.

    Our CoC has denied the granted extra weeks leave this Christmas. Can anyone on here direct me to the DIN/ABN that this originally came down on?

    As we've had no explanations even to the SO2 ranks, I'd like to see the note myself, before I start ranting like I'm in the NAAFI.

    If you know of units and organisations that are taking this, please feel free to let me know.
  2. 160X is.
  3. We are ................... 3 whole weeks including a free 5 day bonus. All that extra time to spend looking for a job prior to the redundancy tsunami.

    BTW this is ARRSE so unsupportable and blindly outraged ranting is expected if not maybe even mandatory. Don't let the facts or reason get in the way of a good bitch.
  4. Army HQ and all it's Sub-Units are................is that sufficient??
  5. I'll have to look it up tommorow, but before the Daily Mail read this and tell everyone the army has been given extra time off and still get paid......

    It was something in the line of ...:

    with all the hard work in support of operations / on operations ...... stand down for an extra week over the christmas period...... providing it does not effect operations..... USING YOUR LEAVE..... If you do not have sufficient remaining leave then .....
  6. Alright Ethel. We're in a Joint environment. Although no reason has come down, I suspect that this is an Army led thing. I think CO is trying a man up moment, even though we are surely low enough down the food chain for no one to give a rats. Personally I'd love the free week off, esp if the blues don't get any. But if it came down to it, I'd prefer they got a week if it meant I can take a week. From Gossip/rumour mill, I don't know anyone in Green who is not taking this. I think someone in my CoC is trying a pissing contest with his peers here (at the expense of his command). Just the kind of comd we all know and love.
  7. Yep Tommikka fully agree. Link to the DIN etc would be nice to properly dig into it. Have so much leave accumulated that taking the week now would be awesome. Esp given the late finish this year... And the fact that 50% are guaranteed to be away for the next Christmas leave....
  8. @ top soldier, you'd think it would be....
  9. The original that I have seen is in letter format, I can direct anyone towards it on DII etc.

    In general it is:

    Applies to all members of LF - military, civilian including attached RAF & RN
    Stand down for a block christmas / new year period except for operational necessity
    Mil - take annual leave where poss, if not available refer to a specified reference
    Civ - encouraged to take annual leave, flexi
    Bit about energy efficiency etc
    Bit more about how stand down rules for the military in accordance with tri-service regs for leave (** This is the bit the OP will be interested in)
    Duty personnel still required so don't impact on this
    There is an entry as well about 'presentation' of this - e.g. don't let it be mis-interpreted as old fashioned buckshee paid time off/gardening leave etc.
  10. I love the bit about civil serpents being encouraged to take leave or work from home my department are over the moon about it.
    Being a sad old twat I will be working .
  11. When the soldiers stop moaning about things then you know they are really unhappy.
  12. Can't help thinking this has something to do with the huge heating and lighting bill each MOD establishment racks up each week - Why not shift the burden of that down the ranks and make them pay for their own single lump of coal...
  13. Or more likely .............. dead.
  14. If that is true then I'm quite willing to spend the entire 52 weeks a year being paid to 'work' from home. Where do I sign?