Buck House Garden Party TA 100th Anniversary

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by johno2499, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. Its on the 10th July and I've been told I am on the list but have received no official contact yet. I would like to know (1) What time it kicks off (2) What's the dress code for (a) serving TA members and (2) civvies.
    Can anyone help with these queries? (I want to plan transport, accommodation etc.) :?:
  2. theres i hierachy for dress starting with no'1s down to cs 95 medals to be worn with all dresses but wait for confermation on cs 95, you will find out in due course on the rest like parking and stuff

    dress code for civvies is bolloky buff
  3. I shall be abroad on holiday.

    But after receiving my medals (a) in the post and (b) at an informal BBQ it all seems a trifle insignificant - and I am still serving!
  4. The garden party should be attended in service dress. Turn up in CS95 and hopefully you'll get booted out.........or dicked for panbash.
  5. thats not according to the letter from londist
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Which states No1 dress, or No2 or CS95.

    Why settle for DPM pyjamas when there is plenty of time to sort out No2s?
  7. any suggestions for accommodation? received the confirmation letter but no details obviously regarding car parking or accomodation. i presume its our own responsibility
  8. When I went to a bash last year, parking is arranged in the local roads, a card should be included in the pack sent with the ticket. Just show to the local plod. Best to go in via the back gates and leave via main entrance otherwise you queue for ever.
  9. basha up in the gardens seems to be the best bet. Let everyone leave and then pitch tent by one of the small ponds. By 2am, you should be in a nice warm cell for free.
  10. So if it's down to choice (and availability) which uniform do you choose?

    Number 1's: Could be seen as pompus if worn, however not many people get the opportunity much (except perhaps at an oppos wedding) - but looks dead smart. AND can be hired if Units/Regiments have none. Best option for pride.

    Number 2's: the safe bet because the majority of soldiers own (or can get hold of) a set easily. But not as smart/formal as 1's. But there's no sword to lug around!

    C95's: Look shit for formal occasions and as we wear them on a regular basis, the "special occasion" feeling is lost. May as well get in fighting order, cam cream and fix bayonets!

    A character-defining moment maybe?
  11. Certainly would be good to be wearing Yeomanry Blues to Buck House, but I can see no.2s being the order of the day for the reason set out by Cav: the majority of attendees will either already own a set or there is a surplus lying around in stores.
  12. Perhaps William might be running a taxi service?
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The instruction is quite clear, and is as previously stated. Uniform, with medals. No1s, No2s or worst case scenario CS95.

    If you have blues or access to blues then why not wear them? As for swords, I doubt they will be required!
  14. Without medals surely?
  15. I have just spoken with my Regt and find that no financial assistance is being given in the form of travel or accomodation expenses Also as it is voluntary no TA pay is being authorised.
    By the way the Union Jack Club and Victoria Club(if that is the other quasi military hotel) are full.

    Is this across the board or are my lot being tight?