Bubbles draw up €162bn war reparation claims against Germany

The Greeks really are up to date on current affairs.


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******* good on 'em. Won't happen of course but it will remind the boxheeds that they shouldn't really try the jackboot diplomacy too often.
Why stop at the Germans? For all I know one of my ancestors may have owned acres of land and had claim to all sorts of wealth in Britain. And then along come the bloody Italians and nick it all. I want my compo! with compound interest going back to 55BC please.
There are people alive who remember what a complete bunch of cnuts ze Germans were, it would be a surprise if the Greeks didn't receive reparation after the War, but there was a fair bit going on so it could have happened.
If so, the Germans owe the Greeks a shitload of cash and should ******* pay even if it was a while ago.
People seem to have short memories, whereas I for one don't think that as long as a person is left alive from that period, they should ever be allowed to forget what they did.
Now we have pretty much fucked off from their country it would be easy for them and us to forget why we were there in the first place.


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No problem Britain will lend the Greeks the money they need!
The Greeks can do one. About 2,000 years ago the Italians build a ******* great wall from Wallsend to the Solway. It cuts across one of our farms and badly dressed hippies trample over it. Which alarms the sheep and horses. And more important, me.

I require £27m in compensation for distress to our sheep and horses and my bad back. Plus £2.7bn in back rent. Cash will do nicely.


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What is Greece going to do about it? Invade Germany?
The Luftwaffe should have starting doing over flights of Athens when the Greeks were kicking off in 2011 as a wee reminder.
Didnt Europe do something similar about 100 years ago? Wasnt it in some dead French Kings gaff? lot of mirrors as I seem to recall................ yeah that all turned out well didnt it..................
Isn't there a time limit on this kind of thing? After all could we not just try and claim off the greek government the money we spent freeing them? I can't see this going down too well with German voters. It may even open up the way for the US to start claiming back some of the Marshall Plan money.
Well me Mum(RIP) got £10,000.00 in 2001(took five years) from the Boxheads for being carted off from Poland to Germany in 1944 to a work camp..lucky she got freed by the Brits. not the Ivans.

My best mate has just recieved approx. equiv. £1.5 mill.(yes, million) via the Polish courts from the Ukraine as compo. for his mothers lost estates (Pre WW2 Poland, they were vast) mind you he had to split it 50/50 with a very very clever Polish 'bloodsucker' who traced him and spent the last three years and a lot of work on this one, none of us believed he would get anything..he's a bit in shock as well..!!
Ahh... god komradely collective co-operation between our EU Komrades in Arms. No doubt Mr Willy Vague will make 'promises' to give the Greeks and Cypriots bailout cash to help in their Euro lawsuits again Frau Mrs Docteur Ingeneiur Merkel with no need to pay any of it back.......

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