Bubble the Trolls

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mr_C_Hinecap, Dec 15, 2004.

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  1. Seeing as this grips my poo so much, I'd like to open somewhere where Trolls can be bubbled and protest if they wish.

    My first nomination - INVICTUS - or also INV1CTUS. Both members - both joined on the same day - adjacent numbers - one has banged about 11 posts so far - the other none. Given that INV1CTUS was in chat yesterday and admitted being a Troll, I claim a true Troll. Not exactly rocket science (no offence Rocketeer), but perhaps worthy of note.

    They just clog up the Boards & Chat. Like the turd you can't flush.
  2. Oh look - there is another fekin whanker.....HGVT00 - cunningly using the zero instead of the 'o'.

    Like I said - I fcukin hate Trolls.
  3. whats a troll?
  4. I think the exciting thing about the various trolls who infest ARRSE is the impression they must think they are giving to the rest of the world. Clearly everybody here believes them to be bronzed, virile, love-gods/goddesses with strong personalities, high IQs and supermodel good looks, as opposed to insecure, psychotic, self-fellating fuckwits in AGC berets.
  5. Well, all 135 of BB's user names. More to follow shortly.......
  6. Lippy. How can I thank you for your deep and thoughtful addition to this thread?
    As for anyone else posting on here - I'm doing my level best to highlight to people how much of a waste it is to clog up the place with fake logins.
    For those unaware, Trolls are those who get a secondary login to further their sad game - usually using it to snipe or say things they've not got the balls to say themselves. I really enjoy this site. It covers everything from welfare to purile filth and does it all really well. I read it because I want to know more about the Army - a strange breed that I have to work with. If you spot a Troll, tell them!
    I fcukin hate Trolls, I do. :roll:
  7. Cheers, are trolls aware that they are trolls? Apparently, knowing is half the battle.
  8. You display an uncannily accurate knowledge of the AGC