'Bubba' slur sgt's £171k

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by kennys-go-nad, Feb 3, 2005.

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  1. http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2005052392,00.html

    'Bubba' slur sgt's £171k

    A BLACK Army sergeant dubbed "Bubba" by officers was awarded £171,000 in damages yesterday.

    Staff Sgt David Howard, 39, was also branded a "fat hairy beast" and mocked about his sex life.

    Mr Howard, who has left the Army, won a racial discrimination case last March and has been awaiting compensation since.

    After the award he said: "I am absolutely delighted. To get this amount in these circumstances is just and right.

    "My case has been going on for four years and the MoD has been trying to hide behind a number of loopholes in the law."

    The tribunal last year heard how the sergeant, from Newcastle, was insulted in a mocked-up job description he found in an officer's desk in Germany.

    He was tagged "Bubba" after a retarded black character in the film Forrest Gump.

    The file also contained barbed comments about his Army record, wife and domestic situation.

    The MoD has conceded he was a victim of racial harassment and discrimination.

    so what happend to the Officer?
  2. 'Fat hairy beast'??

    Is that the best they could do?? What is happening to the standard of banter in the Army these days... :D

    **No seriously, poor chap, perhaps all the flags at MoD MB should be flown at half mast?**
  3. I heard the bloke on Radio 4 this morning: the Officer has been promoted to Major.

    This is of course, a clear endorsement of the "Zero Tolerance" approach to Racism by the MoD. Glad to see it working. :oops:
  4. B_B - whilst I agree with your sentiments, less face it - EVERYONE* gets promoted to Major eventually! All you need is a pulse... :twisted:

    *Commisioned Officers
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    £171,000. Very nice

    Remind me how much your spouse is paid if your are KILLED IN ACTION............quite a bit less I think
  6. I read in the paper that he said that they also called his wife Ma'am. He reckoned it was a throwback to the slave days in the US when the slaves had to call the white women 'Ma'am'. Nothing to do with the fact that they all reckoned he was under the thumb and she was the boss ? get your head down nobber.
  7. Nice one Bubba! :wink:
  8. I must admit it is a tad strange how a bit of name calling can reduce a man to going magic roundabout but what I find more strange is the MoD admitting somthing was wrong in the Redress 8O
  9. Comes with the job, does it not. Although, call me Bubba anyday.
  10. killed in action - 20-odd grand
    called 'bubba' - 170-odd grand

    racism is unacceptable, but I bet even Dave Howard is ashamed of an army which values his outrage nearly ten times higher than the life of a colleague who has paid the ultimate sacrific for his country.
  11. I am ginger and getting a little rubinesque in my old age. I would appreciate some gentle abuse, preferably written, to help me clear my mortgage. Being a nurse will also help me to fabricate a mild mental illness. Show me the money, cha-ching.
  12. Not strictly true I believe!! A certain James Hewit failed to get the requisite number of points on his exams and only managed an acting rank as he could not be promoted to a sub rank. Or, so I'm told. Wonder how his son will get along?
  13. Everyone does get posted to Major, and at distressingly young ages too these days...frankly the average age of field officers (and their levels of experience) has not been so low since the purchase system was abandoned.
  14. I may have got this wrong, but was it not an Employment Tribunal which valued the name calling at £170K. The Army just pay the bill. Perhaps somebody should ask an Employment Tribunal to put a value on KIA.
  15. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Perhaps though majors are like policemen - everyone thinks that they are getting younger, but it is not true at all really. In WW2 company commanders would regularly be in their early 20s (natural selection and all that).

    Currently most DE captains will promote at 32 or older which has been the target age for aeons. With the introduction of Length of Service based engagements, that average will move to the right.