BTP Initial assesment Interview

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Wiraman, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. I have decided to take a total career change from the humdrum world of airfreight, and upon completion of various assesment forms, I have now been accepted for my Initial Interview with the British Transport Police. I've been told that I have 2 tests to take. On paper, it sounds simple, but does anybody have any ideas/tips of what I should expect?
  2. evening all....

    Appreciate that replies would be scarce...
    The BTP is not exactly a widespread career oppertunity.
    Anyway, i passed the initial 2 tests, (easy peasy).
    got accepted for the 'Interview'.
    One on One with the recruitment CO.

    I'll keep you all posted
  3. Just a couple of pointers for your interview, your honesty and integrity for the 'organisation ' comes before anything, ie they may say officer A who has been in for 20 years suggests you both go for a pint saying ' we all do it here' you should say I would challenge that and make a pocket note book entry and inform supervision ie a Sgt. etc etc Also expect the Diversity issue to be raised, eg tolerance for other racial/religious/sexual orientation backgrounds, if you cant answer the question the best thing to say is I am not aware BUT I would find out either from an experienced officer or my supervision. ANY sign of ANY sort of discriminatory attitude and forget it mate they wont entertain you. Also go along to your local BTP station and try to see an Inspector or Sgt and ask them 'what do you do, what would I be expected to do if I joined?'. This will look to the interviewer that you have made the effort. Good Luck.
  4. Oh yeah and if all else fails and you think you have blown the interview just say you are a screaming transvestite who calls herself belinda and you are thinking of going for gender re-alignment.!!!!!!!! You'll be in like a shot then>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!
  5. Passed the Interview.

    I was asked just five questions, each with sub questions.
    Whole process took one and a half hours.....
    Toughest Interview of my life so far

    Next phase is a medical, which shouldn't pose a problem
    Then come uniform fitting, and then have to wait for a placement

    Things are looking good !!
  6. Must be an awful environment to work in...
  7. The questions that they asked were they the same as the competency questions on the application form, or if they were different what did they ask you????????????????????. I am in the middle of the process at the minute, any information would be great. :D :D :D