BTEC - Uniformed Public Services

A posting in the QM thread from a lad looking for black combats brought this to my attention...

I would be interested in what collegues from the uniformed services think of this syllabus?

My initial reactions are:

1. Some of the content seems very "political" for the target audience. Yes, I know the uniformed services are part of the democratic process, however the emphasis seems to be on introducing democratic processes into the services, and coaching individuals in the techniques. I, for one see no need for this...

2. WTF do we need civvy colleges offering stuff like this when the uniformed services are better placed to deliver this type of training.

3. Who is setting the outcomes and requirements for this.. I seem to see the long hand of the fluffy politicoes, or am I just paranoid...

I have to say that the prospect of Little Cruddington Tech running courses where the students wear combats fills me with concern..
I had a friend who did this course at college. All he did was Canoe and Rock climb all day...

When I quizzed him on the Forces/Police and such who knew bugger all...

He could have saved his time and just used Google.
I gave a "what the Army does" type presentation to one of these courses a while back and the spread was quite wide. Some of the lads were dead set on the Army a couple of the girls wanted to join the police and the others weren't sure. It was run by an ex Sqn Ldr who got redundancy last time round. He used it as a social awareness course to raise knowledge of all uniformed services. His specific aim was so that when the youngsters - who didn't have perhaps as many quals as other applicants- got to Police/Army/fire service selection they could compete with their fellows. I think it is a good idea.
I new a few lads from school that went on to do this course. They did it because they were unsure wether to go into the Army, Air Force or Police. So they delayed their decision for a couple of years and did this course instead.

I think one of them is now a postman, one is a civvie sparky and the other works in a warehouse.

This is obviously an important and useful course.
SavageByName said:
I think one of them is now a postman, one is a civvie sparky and the other works in a warehouse.

This is obviously an important and useful course.
I spat tea on me keyboard you b**tard...
Two of my mates teach this course in Liverpool

A large part of it is adventurous training stuff, they climb canoe and such like on a regular basis and therefore are teaching the people on the course how to map read and all that goes with being outdoors

They also teach a lot about the underlying need for public services and how they operate

One of my mates is an ex matelot and the other an ex fireman. It seems to be quite a popular course though and the CS 95 issue is to start giving the people on the course a sense of identity and the responsibility and self discipline that goes with wearing a uniform.

Not a bad thing I don't think
It's a great way to go on living off your parents, the state, or the college. It offers little more than a fun filled few months, and gives you what? An insight into the warries that the instructors may have.

Beyond war stories and maybe a little fitness training, it gives nothing of any worth.

In my opinion anyway, saying that; my opinion means jack, so I'll shut up.
keeps da youth off the streets.
might persuade some to become recruits or turn others away.
in the big scheme of things its not media studies or sociology :twisted:
whats wrong with media studies and sociology?

THOSE subjects matter - they could get you a job at... well, working in... or in the general sector of...

OK, maybe the Public Services BTEC isn't such a bad idea!
Three years ago my lad left school as he wasnt so keen on staying on. Did not know what to do with himself as he had no job to go to, so enlisted on this course at college. Anyway, he never really like the course that much or the people who were on it, but had enjoyed the times away on the outward bound type of thing.

One day a delegation of serving lads came in and did whatever it is they do when showing the army in a good light to in addition to knocking up a blinding ruby murray as well (so he says). Job done, he was off to the recruitment office the following week to sign up and then jacked the course in. Not sure if it was the lure of the adventure of army life or the curry that swayed him, but he is still in some years down the line.

If nothing else the course acts as a good recruiting tool on occasions I guess.
Hmm Interesting..

I still get the impression that this could end up as Walt Central... 8O

I don't think this is the sort of stuff that should be taught by the FE sector - trust me!

Kids are likely to get more out of ACF etc. At least is is controlled by the parent service (to some extent...)

Would not a sort of "FTRS Cadet" scheme not be better... or am I talking myself into National Service :roll:
Some of the courses are well run, others not so well run. When I was recruiting, I pushed my way into the colleges to lecture to the courses. The AYTs were also welcomed by them. Good for KAPE. Most of them are run by ex-servicemen so they put the students through their paces. The one in Loughton Essex used to be run by an ex police PTI who insisted students wear a uniform (of sorts). We had quite a few recruits from these courses.

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